Men Who Spank: C. (Colin) Farrell

Another in our series on Men Who Spank

Cornertime Confidential has profiled so very many great leaders in the CP community and other peripheral characters who have played very public roles in Spanking. Today we celebrate the work, life, and times of the founder of

As many of you may agree, has been a compendium of great information about Corporal Punishment, Spankings, Caning, and more since 1996. The terrific detail he shares is remarkable and his online—for lack of a better word—encyclopedia of everything CP is irreplaceable. 

Today, let’s just take a quick peek at his profile that he shares on his site. 

C. (Colin) Farrell has been researching into corporal punishment for well over forty years. His interest began at primary school when he saw other boys being spanked in front of the class. Later he attended a boys’ grammar school where the headmaster administered canings on a more or less daily basis. 

“He became particularly fascinated by the social dynamics of this process, and its place in the prevailing culture, as well as its wider implications in terms of deterrence, retribution, authority, rebellion and conformity. Later his interest extended to other cultures and other forms of CP, especially judicial. He was inspired to start this website partly by a growing sense that long-standing historical realities were being lost sight of in a new and different era.

“He is not to be confused with the (much younger!) Irish screen actor of the same name. Although he had the name first, he cannot hope to compete with Hollywood celebrity and now refers to himself as C. Farrell in order to minimise any confusion on the internet. This website began in mid-1996. C. Farrell is at pains to point out that it is not intended as part of a “campaign” for or against anything. It is a historical record of things that have happened, with the odd opinion (clearly identified as such) thrown in along the way. Read more about this website.”

Thank you so much, Mr. Farrell, for your more than a decade of work aggregating all the info that is fit to print on Corporal Punishment and so much more!
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A Day in the Life of a Professional Daddy


An Interview with Fred Stevens from ManHandFilms. It all began innocently enough chatting on the porch at the Playroom at Camp Red Tails. Then Fred began talking about how a real life friend of his from the Atlanta area asked him to discipline his son for him. He said, “Nah, that’s not possible. I’m not really being asked to do this.” But there you have it. Some of today’s snowflake parents just don’t want to be resented by their kids, so they outsource discipline!

That’s how Fred got his start Spanking boys. When he realized he was not only exceptional at it, but also enjoyed it, he found his way to Camp Red Tails. There, Copper and Vern (the guys who run and own, respectively, camp with several other campers) started talking to Stevens about work as a paid professional model.

It’s not easy being a Daddy in Spanking videos. Too often, you find:

  1. You can’t think fast enough in the moment: what should I say?
  2. Your mic stops working
  3. Your boy chickens out.
  4. Delays on set result in you losing interest.

But for Stevens, it’s all in a day’s work. So while he’s done several professional vids with ManHands Films, he mostly just creates videos for his own edificiation on an M/m Spanking community devoted to sharing of stories, lives, experiences, videos, and pics. In many ways, this Spanking Community has been a godsend, because unlike Spank This Hookups, which is a hookup site, South Spanking is a place to revel with other boys and the Men Who Spank them in all the many iterations of fantasies, real life experiences, and other social media “journalism.”

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Pajama Spankings, Revisited

pajama slippering 1

Pajama Spankings

Cornertime Confidential gets a lot of requests for pajama Spankings. I never really have great stories, because Daddy puts me to bed in just my underpants, not in pajamas. Now, just about every adult boy has gone to bed with a warmed fanny, but it’s hard to find a good example of what it looks like. Well, look no further,SpankingCentral solved that problem ages ago.

In the Cornertime Confidential Tumblr blog, I had the chance to reblog a video I’ve appreciated for years. “There Will Be Spankings” is probably the best title ever. I think this video pre-dates “There Will Be Blood” the movie, so this is just Clifton being waaaay ahead of the curve!  At any rate, I wanted to add that aside from the excellent pajama Spankings that these boys get (BTW, you really need to buy the video from Clifton at Spanking Central.), the thinking that Cliff put into this is superb. The title isn’t “Two boys Get a Spanking.”  It’s called “There Will Be Spankings!”


“Red, red hein(ie), Goes to my head…”

Spanking Central’s Seth & Devon: “There Will Be Spankings”

Badboys Messing up the Living Room & Goofing Off 

When you watch the video you see the way he has the camera focus on The Lickin’ Stick in the foreground, and the boys’ eyes on it. It’s more about the psychology of the Spanking, rather than Seth’s unbreakable bottom. His smirks deserve a Saarland Spankings faceslap, really.

The Lickin’ Stick

Another key high point in the video is that they are not “brothers” they’re just friends, and so when Daddy comes in with The Butt Blisterer, he starts with an Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking of the friend, knowing that Seth will get it worse. After making clear their behavior and the mess they’ve made is not acceptable in his house, over the knee goes the friend, and after the reddest bottom I’ve seen in a long time, his son goes over the knee next while Devon watches.


Watching Your Friend’s PaddlingKn owing You’re Next


Precision Bathbrush Application


Seeing Your Friend’s Red Bottom & Knowing That’s Going to Be Your Bottom Too


Watching your friend’s Paddling & Rubbing Your Own Red Bottom

I also love the way Clifton has created a legit living room Spanking situation here. The place looks like the average American living room. The boys look normal, not polished, and of course, then there’s Cliff and his Bathbrush and the way he knows how to use it to get the right response.

Post-Paddling Paddle Talk 

Thanks again to Clifton Meador for his excellent work here, not just in soundly Spanking these naughty boys, but also his whole effort to build this scenario. It’s the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of a “real” living room Spanking.

Thanks, Clifton!

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Another Look: An Afternoon At SpankDC

[Attention Readers: this is a reblogged post from July 31, 2012. Cornertime Confidential is thrilled to finally be able to bring this back with the coding fixed. The behind the scene coding problem with the original was a royal pain! But here’s the updated version]
This is a LITERAL emoticon interpretation of my bottom today:
 —>     (   ###
.  ###  )
Daddy Brad Spanking Yet Another boy!
My fanny feels like it’s twice the size it was yesterday, all paddled
and swollen! I definitely can feel my
Spankings today that I got yesterday at Spank DC. Sitting down writing this to you is tough goin’!
My first Spanking training with Daddy Larry was exhaustive.  He decided to slowly build up, because we were starting at 2 p.m.  We didn’t wrap up to walk to the Spanking get-together party until about 5 p.m. By the time we got to the party, there was plenty of red bottoms in the room, and a lot of folks I’ve known over the past year or two were there. The sound system had broken (Thank god badboydave wasn’t there; he’d have been real mad!)
Anywayz, it was a little silent, so Daddy Ross (who was in town from
Boston and was putting boyAdam from Columbus, Ohio, up at the Embassy Suites
with him) decided to make some noise.  He spanked boyAdam several times in front of all of us. It was out-of-the-box hot. And Adam didn’t look alarmed, because Daddy Ross handled it so well, in spite of the fact that, as some of you gentle readers will know, Ross is actually a pretty hard handSpanker.  I don’t remember seeing boyAdam getting paddled or getting the strap, which Daddy Ross desperately wanted to do…
4 Little (Red-Bottomed) Indians
Daddy Ross looked at me as I was about to leave, and he just pointed
and said:

“Are you ready for your Spanking, young man?”

But I really wasn’t. I was late for getting dinner and getting to a “dessert party” that I was supposed to attend. (Side note: Have you ever been invited to a dessert party!?  It’s a problem for boys who have self-control problems to begin with! Let me tell you!)
Anyway, he Spanked a group of four of us boys there on Saturday. I had been speaking separately with this boy Andrew from Annapolis (about my age, completely
inexperienced except for the last four months worth of SpankDC parties) and then there was this mouthy, really badly behaved Andrew boy from DC.  He was maybe 28 or so, but completely and utterly snot-nosed and bratty.  Boy! He needed a real sound Spanking!
Ross curled his finger at me and barked:


“Come over here, boy,


It was completely undiscussed, unexpected. He hadn’t warned me or any of the other boys (DCAndrew, AnnapolisAndrew, or boyAdam) that they would end up being over his knee and in The Corner as well before this afternoon was through. Looking back on it now, I wonder if they watched as Daddy Ross flipped my bottom in the air as he propelled me over his knee?
Daddy Ross in Action
He pulled me out, Spanked, and I think, paddled my bottom in front of everyone, right on the seat of my shorts. I was crying right away, but he wasn’t buying it.  He hauled me to my feet and unbuttoned my shorts which proceeded to drop like an anvil to the floor with a sudden “Whoooosh!” And then the belt holding up my summer camp shorts clanged to the floor.
I was red-faced as everyone suddenly saw I was wearing my new rocketship/outerspace underpants under my shorts. I love those underpants, ya know, but suddenly, I felt like everyone was laughing. They probably were. I was so completely em-bare-assed that I cannot recall precisely.
He Spanked so soundly on the seat of my little boy briefs. And I couldn’t get away. Daddy Ross is so strong, you just sort of have to wait until your punishment is nearly
done before you try to get away!  Just as I was planning my escape, he lifted me up as if with magic strength, and then hurriedly rushed me to The Corner with my shorts around my ankles and my undershorts cupping my red fanny.
Rocketship Underpants For All To See


I felt like I was going to trip on my clanging belt and shorts as he almost lifted me to The Corner facing away from the room! Almost immediately, I was so shaken up that I couldn’t organize my thoughts:
  • “When is he coming back here to get me?”
  •  “What happens if I turn around to see what he’s doing?”
  •  “Is everyone or anyone watching this?’
  •  “What do I do now?” 
My red fanny could be seen from the sides of my briefs’ leg loops.  I was incredibly awfully ashamed about how bad my behavior had been.  But I also didn’t have any idea what was happening or going to happen, so I didn’t have time to think too long about allthat.


Paddled in Public
I heard a lot of paddlings going on throughout the room, so I knew the other boys who had been getting up to mischief were having to explain themselves to their Daddys.  They knew they’d been caught finally!  I always feel like I’m the only one who gets caught sometimes!
A hand Spanking started a lot closer than the paddlings I was hearing, and well, I was too curious.  So, I looked over my shoulder.
And Daddy Ross wasn’t there!
He was now back in The Spanking Chair where he had pulled boyAdam out from the crowd and was handSpanking his bare bottom. Since he’d already Spanked Adam earlier,
the boy’s jeans were down now, and he was only in a jockstrap.
(Daddy Ross told me later that he’d brought “the Duke” jockstraps with him from Boston. That was probably so Adam would be able to learn what it meant to not have pants
privileges and such.
Jockstraps are great for group Spankings in public, so no private parts become an issue. The Duke is really the greatest jockstrap ever made for Spanking.  Um…well…it probably wasn’t made for Spankings precisely, but let me assure you, they’re the greatest ever.
It will surprise no one I have three!!!)
The Duke
boyAdam has a great, full, fleshy boy bottom, & Daddy Ross took
plenty of time Spanking Adam for good reason. Before the sounds of Spanking
stopped, I’d turned back around, ’cause I know what happens to boys who don’t
stand in The Corner properly. Show your face, and you might have an even redder
bottom!  Right?!
Suddenly, Daddy Ross dragged Adam with his jeans around his ankles to stand right next to me! Adam was giving off the hot flush of a newly Spanked boy. I was shaking with fright! Adam was shaken up too, but both of us had no idea just what was going to happen next. And Daddy Ross told us nothing, except to stand here and not to budge until he was done.
Daddy Ross then did the same thing to snot-nosed DCAndrew, & then he was dragged up against the wall with us, underpants down, red bottom showing to everyone in the room. Three little Indians with whipped behinds standing like the guilty boys we were.
3 Little (Red Bottomed) Indians
How Red is Your Bottom?
I kept looking to see what their bottoms looked like, they didn’t look anywhere but straight ahead. I thought, sheeesh, these guys are missing everything!! Wow, all these red bottoms, and they were just too shaken up to look! To be fair, when you get your rumpus Spanked hard in public, it’ll usually get boys like us to behave real fast.
But then…the fanny Spankings started again!  Yet another boy AnnapolisAndrew who had rarely been Spanked or paddled was being Spanked behind us.
I looked and saw his bottom in the air, kicking, and squirming. And then as that Andrew was dragged to The Corner, Daddy Ross pulled me backwards, and back to The Spanking
Chair where he hadspanked or paddled all the other boys!
As I was dragged back over Daddy Ross’ knee for a more serious spanking, he yanked at my thin briefs, and slightly tore a little hole in the part between the waistband and the fabric, and in an instant, pulled ’em right down below my cheeks.
4 Really Cold boys With Really Warmed Bottoms
My rumpus was hot to the touch in that cold, air-conditioned room. (Uh…did
I ever mention that buildings in the South air condition waaaaaay too cold?)
Anywayz, my fanny was on fire. I felt like everyone could see it steaming on
this really hot and humid, wet and rainy summer day.
We were scolded frequently throughout as Daddy Ross brought the flat of
his hand across our bottoms time and again. He could see he was making an
impression on each of our red bottoms as we were pulled off his knee and stood
at attention quivering in the chilly room.
It’ll surprise no one that at one point, I looked over my shoulder one too many times, and while Daddy Ross was spanking one of the Andrews, Daddy Brad stepped in and whipped my bottom with a belt several times quickly in a row. (Belts I really, really hate, actually!) because I kept looking over my shoulder to see what the heck was happening!
“You will be Spanked and Spanked and Spanked
Until you do as you are told.”
“You were told to look straight ahead, young man,” Daddy Brad firmly stated in my ear, as I sheepishly turned around.
“You will be Spanked and Spanked and Spanked until you do as you are told. Now turn around, right now!” 
Daddy Brad can get a very flat, serious expression and sound in his voice. It’s very effective for helping boys do as they are told, let me tell ya.
Ross Spanked us each one after the other, again and again:
  • First withour pants up, and then
  • With our underpants up, and then
  • With our underpants down. And then of course,
  • All us boys learned that Daddy Brad was watching us to make sure we did our Cornertime properly. And then…
  • We had to stand in The Corner, while Daddy Ross finished and went to talk to the other Daddys.
Eventually—and for what seemed like hours—he and Daddy Brad, and even
DCAndrew’s Daddy Paul came over to tell us that we were allowed to pull up our underpants, and that we could join the rest of the boys. I was shaking all over with dread, excitement, anticipation, and relief!
The Very Next Day
Time To Think
As I write this too you, I’m having to sit on a very soft chair, because my fanny is super sore and red still.  I have to say, The Belt made marks down my right thigh, which showed as I walked home wearing my short summer camp shorts. And my rumpus has paddled marks from Daddy Larry who took pics I included in my other post on that
It’s a great morning, nonetheless, because without knowing it, Daddy Ross fulfilled one of my favorite fantasies of all time a second time! He’d done that to me and badboydave ages ago at the Spank party back when we were located over on 11th Street, NW at the Effin Lounge. But he had never returned to it since.  So I’d kinda lost track of
it. Saturday was a revisit, and in the middle of Spanking me on my bare bottom,
he suddenly recalled having been here before, and he said to me and the room of
Men who were there to oversee our Spankings:
“Hey, jake, remember when I did this to you & dave?” 
Suddenly, oh yeah, I remembered.
Memories flooded back, and I remembered how standing in The Corner at the SpankDC party is the WORST THING EVER!
In the end, I wish I we had all gotten together the next morning and had breakfast with everyone from Saturday and talked about it. But we all split off that night, and I
had to get to my dessert party, and so we’ve all lost contact with each other this weekend.
I hope I get to see everyone next month!
I cannot concentrate to get anything accomplished this morning except this post!  I’m vibrating all over from Saturday’s Spanking training with Daddy Larry, Ross’s Punishment Spankings, and Daddy Brad’s belt.
How can I go back and face all those boys and Men Who Spank next month? 
What Happens Next Time?


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Time Outed?

Love @AlexanderZeeGreat’s post here. Had to share:

How do you say the past tense of timeout when it’s a verb?

  • I got time outed?
  • I got timed out?

Either way, it sucks


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Budgy Smuggling Summertime Fun

Standing on the Dock of the Bay

Labour Day is over, it’s back to school time—and while I get it I need to get back to my life as a groan up—I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the Men who wear speedos on the beach and at the pool. Summer is a time of seeing Men with bodies that shouldn’t necessarily be in speedos in speedos.

Australian Politicians Strolling

This actually has a name in some parts of the world. In Australia it’s called “budgy smuggling” and in Florida it’s called “banana hammocks” and in other parts of the world there is no self-consciously awkward name. In some parts of the world, Men just wear a modified pair of spandex underpants. Here’s a little tribute to all of the above.

Daddys Talking About Their boys in Russia

For those looking for what I think are probably the most fun bathing suits for all Men, here’s a site called BudgySmuggler, and their men’s line is extensive and really, really fun. I’d love to see all sorts jammed into these! Fun.

Hope you all had a great summer. Keep up the skin tight work, y’all!

And just in case you were never Spanked for running at the pool. Here’s a video to remind you why when you are told to behave by the pool, you better behave. Flippers can double as Spanking Tools! If you cannot see it below (sometimes it doesn’t load properly on BlogSpot), just click here.


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Humiliation & Embarrassment Techniques

NonSpanking Punishments That Work
For me, Spanking is discipline and not ‘erotic’. I do understand that people do enjoy the more erotic side of Spanking however I am very much into role play and it would take away from the ‘scene’ if there was a sexual element. For example a ‘Dad / son’ scene just wouldn’t feel right, if Dad fingered the boys butt, or stroked his c***.
I do believe though that the chastising of a boy or son should not entirely be restricted to just straight up Spanking.
Here are just a few discipline techniques i also think a Daddy should use during a Spanking session.


For me this is an extremely important part of any Spanking. It should be made before, during and after a Spanking. A father or Dom should send a clear message to his boy that he is no longer in control and that he has been naughty for a particular reason. A father should remain in control when scolding his boy and should never shout. He should speak with authority and make his boy understand that he is wrong, and will do as he is told from then on in. This chastisement should make a fully grown adult feel like a little boy, and is an integral part to the discipline process. A Spanking without scolding, is just a Spanking, and the boy won’t learn his lesson.



A particular favorite of mine is Dad setting his son rules that the boy will be expected to abide by. For example
1. You are grounded for the next 2 weeks
2. Your bed time is now 10 p.m. every night.
3. You will do all your house chores before school/work etc.
These rules could be laid down in front of the boy while over Daddy’s knee, and the boy made to read them while being Spanked. Daddy can also stick them on the wall, for everyone to see, to further embarrass the lad.


“if you are going to act like a naughty little boy, you are going to look like one”. This is a good way for Dad to exert his authority over his boy, and show him that he is the only man in the house. It’s extremely humiliating for any boy to be shaved front and back by his Dad.



Cornertime should always be a part of a fathers weaponry. It can be used before, during(if it’s a particularly long session) and after. Nothing better than when a Dad drags his son by the ear to The Corner and makes him spread his legs. The duration should be dependent on how naughty the boy was. As a variation the Dom could place a wooden stool for the boy to sit on in The Corner as well.

As an additional extra Dad might wish to add something like a coin that the boy must hold with his nose against the wall, hands on head and legs spread. Or even better if a white board is available Dad can write “*boys name* TIME OUT ZONE” and draw a circle for the lad to put his nose against.



Writing lines or apology letters reinforces to the boy that he has been naughty and will ensure he regrets whatever he has done.



Swearing during a Spanking? Not whilst Daddy’s around you don’t!! Drag the boy to the bathroom and soap his mouth out good and hard whilst Spanking him or make him kneel in front of you and rinse him out.



Having a Dad wash his boy before or after a Spanking (before being sent to bed) is extremely embarrassing.


Tucked in like the naughty young boy and told to be good whilst Dad ruffles your hair. Need i say more?



Ginger could also be inserted into the boys bum—known as “figging.” Never tried this before but I have heard a lot of people say this is a great way to discipline a boy as it stings like hell.


Share and comment with other embarrassment / punishment techniques you enjoy!!

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