Roleplay In Real Life

Roleplay IRL

by David H.

For me, it has been an rare thing. Of course, I can get into the headspace easily, but getting lost to the point the relationship and punishment become absolutely real like that with my father when I was young is rare, but ho so satisfying.

The first time it happened for me was when I was my married lover who was actually a few years younger than me. We’d write roleplay scenarios during the week and then spend Saturdays acting them out.

One Saturday we had a roleplay in which he was my university professor who had been angered about how sloppy my work had become. After he had lectured me, he ordered my to strip for a hard lesson under his birch. He came up with the idea of giving me a time limit to not only strip, but to fold up my clothes and stack them perfectly and then to pull out a kitchen chair and position it perfectly for the birching. 

I actually got so focused on doing that and doing it within this time limits that I actually became frightened and was seriously trying to do exactly as he said. It was just like my childhood when I felt the same fear and made the same attempts to please my father.

I always hope for that sort of feeling when I am completely removed from the role and placed into a real life feeling. Now if only I could experience real crying and begging like I did back then.

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Living as Daddy’s boy

You see, if you have a Daddy, it helps sometimes to have little things that define, enhance, and build a sense of Daddy/boy separation, roles, and duties to one another.
A few things Daddys and boys can do when they’re just starting out or even for those who have become lax in their relationship and feel the “je ne se quais” disappearing into vanilla relationship land, is to build back in the idea of Permission.
My Daddy and I do this without talking about it. I’m not telling you to discuss this. 
You might want to just begin by introducing it. 
For example, I’ve been knocking on the door, if Daddy’s watching T.V. before I enter the room. Daddy will nearly always say, “You don’t need to knock.” But I’m doing it to 
So, here’s a few ideas that you can more overtly discuss with your Daddy or your boy, to help develop a Permission-based relationship: 
Daytime Discussions
You need to ask permission to go out for a beach stroll alone, walking the neighborhood on your own, getting in the car and driving alone and such. 
Bedtime Discussions
I always tell Daddy before I go to bed if I’m planning on doing something like that alone. He puts me to bed almost every night now, so it’s time for me to tell Daddy what I’m up to the next day or give him a head’s up. If I don’t, Daddy will “call me” on it the next day.
Public Discussions 
I’ve noticed my Daddy has taken to scolding, snapping if I speak out of turn, and otherwise “humiliating” me in front of our friends in an effort to get me to behave when it’s not just Daddy/boy time. Spankings are less necessary than they were before, too. That’s a good thing, because Daddy prefers to only Spank when there’s a real reason.
So in those cases there’s often not a build-up. He will just wallop my heinie, and that hurts. Because of Domestic Discipline (Maintenance Spankings, warnings, scolding, writing lines, Cornertime and the like), he makes those Spankings last much longer and makes them an experience to discuss behaviour and also make it not just a Behinder Reminder, but something that I have to remember, so I don’t do the naughty things again.
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Life in Atlanta for Corporal Punishment Enthusiasts

You go, boy!

Tumblr friends are some of the best! Cornertime Confidential has enjoyed the distinct pleasure of getting to know RandomIsMyLife. We had the chance to connect a while ago, and he said, “I’ve been into Spanking for quite some time and started getting into it publicly about 5 or so years ago. Been through DC a time or two, even made it to one of the parties at the Green Lantern! I’m currently based in ATL for now.”

We asked him if he’d be willing to discuss his life there in Atlanta, so we could learn more about life for a Southern man engaged in Corporal Punishment.


  • First Question, how did you know there was something not right about living in the closet with your interest in having a life that included Spankings, Corporal Punishment, or other non-Spanking punishments?

So didn’t know living in the closet wasn’t for me until I met someone on Grindr with the same Spanking interest. He had paddles as his Grindr profile which got me all intrigued. And after talking I realized we were on the same page with Spanking. 

It was about the act not the sexualization of Spanking. (e.g., Spanking wasn’t about sex. It was about (what I know now to be) power exchange and ritual of it all.) He allowed me to explore my interests implant wise and allowed me to explore how I liked CP. I didn’t know i needed that destigmatization, but when it happened, it was so freeing!


  • Second Question: how do you “define” yourself in the CP community?  Are you more of a boy, a switch, a dom, and if you are a boy or a bottom, tell us more about that.
I identify as a switch. With whom I now consider a mentor, I was submissive. Ideally, I’m a switch, but I only bottom with those who understand my interest and my need for the PE. Now I am primarily a dominant, and only sub for those I know and trust. It’s all about chemist and energy.
I don’t identify as a boy, but I love a boy over my knee, heh. (Honestly, I don’t identify as a boy due to all the other context that comes with it.)


  • Being a boy comes with a whole load of assumptions. Some think boys are just masochists.  Some think Daddys are just sadists. What do you think?
A true Daddy is caring and nurturing. A sadist is a sadist. I haven’t known a true Daddy to be a sadist (unless explicitly stated). If a Daddy turns out to be a sadist without prior disclosure, then I don’t believe them to be a true Daddy.


  • Question Four: Atlanta. Tell the readers about how Atlanta has been a good thing for you being able to “come out” of the Spanking closet. How is the city supportive of your life choices in this regards?
Atlanta is filled with Spankers. There’s an entire Spanking community with events (Spanking parties at the local dungeon) and what not. 
They are supportive, and you are able to get your need met without expectations. Which is fantastic. So it allows you to express your interests without feeling rejected.
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Immature Personality Disorder

Readers Roundtable: There are a lot of folks, maybe most, who don’t really “get” us adult boys. And while Daddys Who Spank may be understood to be sadists in the mainstream world, it’s also possible maybe Daddys who oversee us maybe really aren’t sadists, anyways. This conundrum came up from an email by skewlboy paul who brought it up while he was working on a guest blogpost for Cornertime Confidential.

Some thoughts on Immature Personality Disorder or as I like to say, “Forever Young”

I’ve been reading these articles about Immature Personality Disorder, which trouble me because is it true that not every adult boy is suffering from some pathology that inhibits his ability to sustain relationships and take responsibility? 

I am a very good boy, just a boy who makes occasional errors in judgement or behavior that call for Dad’s attention, because I have a boy’s soul, as it were. It’s more that I have a boy’s imagination, and that defines a lot of who I am. But I function quite well (thank you) at work and with a partner. 

A. Cornertime Confidential takes it as a given that boys like us are basically good. But boys will be boys, too. Hence  the blog.

Just because you do naughty things sometimes doesn’t mean you’re bad or have something contagious with capital letters!!! (Immature Personality Disorder).Besides it’s not really the boy who is bad, is it? Instead, it’s the behavior that is sometimes in need of discussing, examining, and in my case, punishing with Cornertime (or worse!!!)
Generally though, even misbehaving adult boys can be helped to improve.  You can really never get better if you are seen as, or see yourself as, having a “disorder.”

And isn’t identifying your needs and objective reality 90% of finding the solution to making good again a boy with behaviors that are problematic? 

In my limited 8-12 year old experience, I feel like I know CP and this adult boy life works well, in spite of sometimes ending up with a red behind.
Have a super duper week,
The jakester
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A Day in the Life of a Professional Daddy

Another in our series: Men Who Spank

Today’s Post: Daddy Fred Stevens


An Interview with Fred Stevens from ManHandFilms. It all began innocently enough chatting on the porch at the Playroom at Camp Red Tails. Then Fred began talking about how a real life friend of his from the Atlanta area asked him to discipline his son for him. He said, “Nah, that’s not possible. I’m not really being asked to do this.” But there you have it. Some of today’s snowflake parents just don’t want to be resented by their kids, so they outsource discipline!

That’s how Fred got his start Spanking boys. ]

When he realized he was not only exceptional at it, but also enjoyed it, he found his way to Camp Red Tails. There, Copper and Vern (the guys who run and own, respectively, camp with several other campers) started talking to Stevens about work as a paid professional model.

It’s not easy being a Daddy in Spanking videos. Too often, you find:

  1. You can’t think fast enough in the moment: what should I say?
  2. Your mic stops working.
  3. Your boy chickens out.
  4. Delays on set result in you losing interest.

But for Stevens, it’s all in a day’s work. So while he’s done several professional vids with ManHands Films, he mostly just creates videos for his own edificiation on an M/m Spanking community devoted to sharing of stories, lives, experiences, videos, and pics.

In many ways, this Spanking Community has been a godsend, because unlike Spank This Hookups, which is a hookup site, South Spanking is a place to revel with other boys and the Men Who Spank them in all the many iterations of fantasies, real life experiences, and other social media “journalism.”

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FOTL Live!

Fruit of the Loom Fridays!

Hey all, if anyone knows where this SUPER KEWL pic was taken, please let us all know.
Fruit of the Loom friends fans wanna know!
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Pajama Spankings, Revisited

pajama slippering 1

Pajama Spankings

Cornertime Confidential gets a lot of requests for pajama Spankings. I never really have great stories, because Daddy puts me to bed in just my underpants, not in pajamas. Now, just about every adult boy has gone to bed with a warmed fanny, but it’s hard to find a good example of what it looks like. Well, look no further, SpankingCentral solved that problem ages ago.

In the Cornertime Confidential Tumblr blog, I had the chance to reblog a video I’ve appreciated for years. “There Will Be Spankings” is probably the best title ever. I think this video pre-dates “There Will Be Blood” the movie, so this is just Clifton being waaaay ahead of the curve!  At any rate, I wanted to add that aside from the excellent pajama Spankings that these boys get (BTW, you really need to buy the video from Clifton at Spanking Central.), the thinking that Cliff put into this is superb. The title isn’t “Two boys Get a Spanking.”  It’s called “There Will Be Spankings!”


“Red, red hein(ie), Goes to my head…”

Spanking Central’s Seth & Devon: “There Will Be Spankings”

Badboys Messing up the Living Room & Goofing Off 

When you watch the video you see the way he has the camera focus on The Lickin’ Stick in the foreground, and the boys’ eyes on it. It’s more about the psychology of the Spanking, rather than Seth’s unbreakable bottom. His smirks deserve a Saarland Spankings faceslap, really.

The Lickin’ Stick

Another key high point in the video is that they are not “brothers” they’re just friends, and so when Daddy comes in with The Butt Blisterer, he starts with an Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking of the friend, knowing that Seth will get it worse. After making clear their behavior and the mess they’ve made is not acceptable in his house, over the knee goes the friend, and after the reddest bottom I’ve seen in a long time, his son goes over the knee next while Devon watches.


Watching Your Friend’s PaddlingKn owing You’re Next


Precision Bathbrush Application


Seeing Your Friend’s Red Bottom & Knowing That’s Going to Be Your Bottom Too


Watching your friend’s Paddling & Rubbing Your Own Red Bottom

I also love the way Clifton has created a legit living room Spanking situation here. The place looks like the average American living room. The boys look normal, not polished, and of course, then there’s Cliff and his Bathbrush and the way he knows how to use it to get the right response.

Post-Paddling Paddle Talk 

Thanks again to Clifton Meador for his excellent work here, not just in soundly Spanking these naughty boys, but also his whole effort to build this scenario. It’s the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of a “real” living room Spanking.

Thanks, Clifton!

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