Cornertime Confidential Relaunch

Well, after a series of setbacks with Cornertime Confidential’s Blogger-based site and after “offending” someone on Facebook (again), we move this operation to WordPress, hoping to find a friendly, adult-only home. To reiterate, we try again, this time with WordPress, which allegedly will allow this adult content website, to relaunch a blog that’s been in business since 2012.  Sooooooo….

What IS Cornertime Confidential?

Cornertime Confidential’s Avatar “Travis”

Cornertime Confidential is a blog exclusively for adults—specifically adult boys and the Daddys Who Spank them, raise them, and otherwise oversee their behaviour. We are a one-stop-shop of bloggers and guest bloggers who cover the adult boy/Daddy waterfront on everything from Corporal Punishment to every iteration of nonSpanking punishments. We also cover closely those things that make Daddy/boy relationship fun, fulfilling, and super awesome.

What Cornertime Confidential is DEFINITELY NOT.

Best Amateur pic 2015

Absolutely NO ONE under the age of 18 (and for my money, under the age of 21) should be reading this.

This is a blog exclusively for adults, about adults engaging entirely and always in consensual adult behaviour. DO NOT misconstrued this blog  as providing content for anyone at all interested in nonconsensual behaviour or sexual contact with anyone NOT of legal age.

  • If you are NOT of legal age, please do not follow Cornertime Confidential.
  • If you are a person seeking contact with anyone not of legal age, do not even try to follow Cornertime Confidential. This blog is not for you.

With that said, let’s dive back into our happy lives as boys and the Daddys who love us.

Top pic of all time


A few thanks before we get started:

  • Thank you Clifton from Spanking Central for permission to use the Travis avatar above, and
  • Thanks also to for our header image, and
  • Thanks to the other photographers who have been recognized by Cornertime Confidential readers for their “best images” from the blog.


More soon from your friends here at Cornertime Confidential.


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