Whappz: a New CP Community

whappz_jakeI met my buddy Jaden at Camp Red Tails years and years ago. He was a sprightly youngin’ who had just arrived at camp, and within about 30 minutes, I was over his knee being Spanked poolside. He had a joie de Spanking that really brings joy to those around him. Turns out his appreciation for Corporal Punishment hasn’t waned. Indeed, he has begun a really terrific new CP Community online called Whappz.com. Today as Camp Red Tails week begins, let’s take a look at Jaden’s latest work…

“There’s a widely held finding among among social scientists that the biggest predictor of relationship success is proximity. This is kind of surprising, especially in a fetish context, but also makes sense when you start to look at examples. While the proximity variable is also exploited by hookup apps, it doesn’t mean that a similar type of tool can’t be of great value (and get results) for those looking for genuine longer term relationships.”
—Jaden, founder of Whappz

In about February/March of this year, I started hearing about a new M/m Spanking and Relationships connections site Whappz. Whappz provides you the opportunity at taking a shot at forming a more geo-friendly relationship with a boy or a Man Who Spanks in your area.

What I really value in Whappz is that like Spank This Hookups, it provides an opportunity to build a Corporal Punishment Community or a community of like-minded Men and adult boys who want to have their own space out here in the internet universe.

You can hear a lot more detail from Jaden here on DudesSpankingDudes. During this interview about Whappz.com, Jaden explains in detail how and why he had built Whappz. He also discusses what about boys in underpants that turns him on, and so he gives a much more personal take on the subject of being a Man Who Spanks. So, it’s worth listening to the whole segment that Jaden helps lead here.

Premium vs. Free Versions of the Site

90% of the functionality (and all core functions) are available for free on Whappz. The paid version is  for those who want enhanced features and will help with the development of a phone app. Since Whappz is not a studio or kink business Jaden and his partners built Whappz with an eye towards getting support from users to build the functionality.

For Cornertime Confidential readers, just use the following promo code to get started on your search for a great summer boy/Daddy:

2. Make you create a user id and passcode

3. Use jake209 promo code

4. Find your boy or Man!

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