Camp Red Tails: Leather Butt Syndrome

Bath brush paddling in the bedroom

I was talking with The Kinky Grad and he shared with me some insights from his buddy Rodney. Below you have the chance to read all about Spankings when delivered throughout the day.

And this matters WHY?!?!?!? you ask?camp_red_tails_2009_t_shirt

Well, I’ve been to Camp Red Tails, which kicks off this Thursday, and while I’m excited for the boys going, I’m warning y’all. You’re gonna arrive and if you’ve never been before. You’ll fail to pace yourself. Resist the temptation. Be the Marshmellow Test kid and resist…wait for it! 

Well, you’ve been advised. But what usually happens? Boys go crazy on the first day of camp and “get all Spanked out.” It’s a common refrain. You wait! By Friday, there’ll be 6 different boys all saying, “Uh…well…I WANT to, but I just can’t. I’m SO SORE!!”

In the spirit of transparency, here’s Rodney’s take on what it’s truly like to be Spanked throughout an entire day…but CRT is an entire 5 days…so just imagine 5 straight days of bottom beating discipline! Imagine if you will…

Spankings Are Good Anytime

by Rodney Calmes

There are always advantages and disadvantages to each time of the day when getting spanked. Here are the following advantages and disadvantages.

Morning Spankings

Spanked in the bedroom

The advantage is that you feel your freshly spanked and swollen butt throughout the day. You get it at its best and the most sore which is a great feeling. The disadvantage is that the soreness and swelling can wear off throughout the day before bed and the feeling of going to bed with a sore butt is not there.

Afternoon Spankings

Spanked outdoors 3

(Advantages and Disadvantages), you feel the majority of the soreness throughout the afternoon but you don’t get to enjoy the whole day with a sore butt. You still have some soreness in your butt at bedtime which is better than nothing.

Night Spankings


The advantage is the feeling of going to bed with a nicely freshly spanked butt and the greatest of the soreness is felt upon going to sleep, it helps me fall asleep better. The disadvantage is that much of the soreness wears off by the next day and not much left to enjoy the day with.

Multiple Spankings Throughout The Day

You get to enjoy the greatest amount of soreness throughout the day and as it wears off, you can get another spanking so it can stay nice and sore throughout the day and night. The disadvantage is Leather Butt Syndrome sets in more quickly and the butt gets calloused. This will eliminate the sting from getting spanked and the swelling will go down anyway then you have to go a long time without a spanking for only some of the sting and swelling to come back, but you will never get all of that back.

Alternating night for one day and morning for another day works best for me so I can enjoy the best of all worlds.

Have fun and do what is best for you!

outdoor spankings

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