Camp Red Tails 2012, revisited

an excerpt from jake’s CRT diary 2012


“In July, I was sent to camp—a Spanking camp for bad boys. It was quite a rough week, actually.  I received so much Spankings that I kinda couldn’t believe it. I found that it really worked with all those Daddys around watching my behavior.

“I think the worse was when I didn’t get to bed on time (all the boys had the same bunk room, and I was causing the other boys to get all riled up, we started playing and that’s when Daddy John came in). I was in my PJs and found myself getting an Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking in front of all the other boys. Then he marched me downstairs to apologize to all the Daddys who were talking after dinner.

“Then he marched me back upstairs and tucked me into bed and warned me that this would happen again if I didn’t ‘simmer down and get into bed, there’d be more of where that came from.

Dave’s Switchin’

“But it wasn’t all early to bed, sometimes we snuck out after our bedtime Spankings and goofed off.  It was a ball. We got to go skinny dipping in the pool—although this will surprise no one, but we got caught ‘cause we were laughing and carrying on so loudly.

“Have you ever been Spanked at the side of the pool when your fanny is wet? Youch.

“It was so painful, and all the other boys sitting in the water, quiet. Scared, ‘cause they knew they would be next. Anyways, it was impressed upon my rumpus. I wasn’t supposed to be in the water without adult supervision. That’s what really got Uncle Dave from Boston upset. He was so disappointed in me, and I was so upset during the Spanking, I cried and cried. I had to go in the water and play quietly with the other boys who were kinda laughing at me and saying what a big baby I was for crying when I got Spanked. But it hurt. The stinging heat rising up my thighs and my fanny, and my face was all bright red. Really really red.  Argh!

Switched by Daddy Jayson

“I think that Daddy Jayson and Daddy Ron were also real good at watching us kids and making sure we didn’t get into trouble. I remember getting switched out in the woods, when badboydave and me ran off. We found ourselves in the middle of the redwoods and were getting stung by mosquitoes something terrible. It was terrible! 

“Then we were yelping from all the bites, and Daddy Jayson found us. He had a branch of a bush in his hand, and we knew we were going to get it. We got our jeans yanked down, and were switched right there, over a log right next to this creek. It was right there for anyone to see, and this white pick-up was driving up the road and if they had looked out to their right as they were driving, they would have seen my red rumpus jumping from all the bites that Switch took.

“Dave’s fanny also got really really really red.  He is bigger than me, and he was in so much more trouble.  He’s older and bigger, and so they said he should have been watching out for me.

“But I ran off, and they said that I was supposed to be obeying him too.

“Well, that didn’t work.

“But that Switchin’ did.

Running off didn’t work. But the Switchin’ did.

“We squirmed in the back seat of the van all the way to Mendocino and then all through our lunch, and were getting up every few seconds to offer to go get napkins or ketchup or whatever we could think of so we didn’t have to sit on our rumpuses. I like ran to the little boys room ever chance I got, just so I didn’t have to sit on that picnic bench any longer than I had to.

“Have you ever had a switch on your behind?  Trust me, it’s stingy.”


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