When Butts Burn, boys Learn

It’s National Paddling Week!!!

When Butts Burn Action Shot
More About “Burning Butts” here

Here at Cornertime Confidential,every year about this time, the build up to this week, gets our readers and the guest bloggers here all charged up. Probably has something to do with the curiosity around how a boy’s bottom can actually handle being repeatedly pummeled with a flat stick of wood.

Odd that.

But there you have it, some boys and Men Who Spank just wanna see what the impact is like.

Behinder Reminder 1 MaleDomsub tumblr blog
Behinder Reminder for TSR 549-773-639 OTK


Normally, Cornertime Confidential tries to provide you more context than just a video or pic these days. But I think this paddle says it all: “When Butts Burn, boys Learn.”

The video below of TSR 549-773-639, a well-Spanked boy who is the slave of TNDomMale who writes the MaleDomsubmale Tumblr blog. (It’s a Tumblr that has since been taken down. Urgh. Is it Tumblr or TSR that had it taken down? So frustrating. Just another reason to keep checking out Tumblr for Spanking blogs for as long as they last!)

While I’m not in anyway a slave, I think it’s good to know the perspective of other boys who are well-Spanked by their partners, no matter what form that partnership takes.

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