The Frat Paddle

When you have unruly boys in your frat it’s probably not completely ineffective to have a Paddle handy. This fine gent (see image below) helps lead the way, with paddle at the ready, tucked firmly into the back of his pants.

I can see just from recent internet images, this seems to be more common than less common. It may all be a symptom of the backlash (no pun intended) against so many parts of the country becoming “soft.”

In the image above, I think we get a real feel for just how much this principal/coach/frat brother loves his paddle and appreciates the discipline and order it provides. Maybe this is a coach or assistant coach…who can say? Perhaps it’s just a frat boy.

No matter, there appears to be the right level of comraderie, fun, order, and discipline all in the same room. And in the end, isn’t that the safe, wonderful world we all want to live in?

Paddles can really make the difference between a safe world, and one where trouble runs free.


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