Go Get Me The Paddle

Spanking Tip # 137: Implementation of a “Spanking Tip” in Action

From the “Learning By Doing” series

One of the more useful tips for Daddys is that they can have their red-hot bottomed boys go fetch the Spanking Tool that their boy will be Spanked with after the handSpanking.

The break is good for a boy to reflect on what’s happening to him. It’s an opportunity for a boy to try to escape and for a Daddy to amp up the paddling for doing so. And implementing this into your administration of Spankings helps teach a boy a lesson they won’t forget anytime soon, because they’ll remember not just having their seat warmed, but they’ll also remember having to go get the stick that bruised their bottom.

“Go Get Me The Paddle!”

Daddy has taken to making me do Cornertime instead of fetching The Paddle which he keeps in the kitchen, where everyone can see it, and ponder what on earth is that doing there. But there’s plenty of times I’ve had to do this in the past, and I recommend all Daddys try to integrate this into their discipline/scolding/punishment routine.

Some routines are more effective than others!

Remember, the “Go Get the…” Command Works
for Many Objects Around the House, not just paddles.



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