Making a Point With the Cane

Another in our Learning by Doing Series

Precision versus paddling: it’s a choice Daddys make and the results are all very different. Let’s take a look today at caning versus paddling. The pros and cons may surprise you.

I’ve always been interested in caning ever since the Michael Faye incident in the 1990s. Captivated by this seemingly brutal Corporal Punishment, I found out years later that adult boys can experience amazing physical and mental growth.

Personally, I have learned that this can be a very non-traditional punishment. With Daddy John and Ken from the MAL weekend here in DC, with Miles and Grey from Camp Red Tails, and at other key opportunities I’ve experienced, you can get in a very adult headspace with caning that takes you waaaaaay out of your body and into an almost hallucinagenic space. I think I mentioned in a blog post from Jan 2016, how Daddy John and Ken caned me for more than about 90 minutes. We were in a very deep, resonant headspace and we found a different space beyond the body that enabled us to “go there.” It felt very much like Jimi Hendrix must have meant when he said “Are you experienced?” It’s that day that I said to myself, “Yup, I guess I am now.”

But making a point with the cane requires knowing what you’re doing. There are aren’t many helpful videos on this, but the folks at Sting Pictures have produced many well-whipped bottoms with consistent, brutally accurate, stinging strokes of the cane across bottoms that can be beaten over and over again without resulting in lasting damage or other sad outcomes.

caning effect

I highly recommend this for those seeking to ratchet it up a notch with their Daddys, with the Men Who Spank them, or just with experienced playmates who you trust. Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT EVER do this with inexperienced people you do not know. OK, if you know the person well, then you can let him try it out, but learning this important Corporal Punishment chastisement technique is not for the faint of heart.

When done well, it’ll leave you wanting more. When done poorly, it’ll send you to the doctor’s office trying to explain what the hell happened.

For a few really good, if lengthy, primers, try these two blogposts. I hope they help and happy exploration into this really valuable lesson teacher, The Cane!


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