Preparing for a Spanking Date

Question from a reader: 

I will be getting a Spanking tonight…how do you prepare?

question from reader

Great question, @Knowimabadboy. From our perspective, the best Spanking experiences come housed in the headspace of a boy who is prepared.



Brief buy
 For Some boys a Shop at the Local Cornerstore Will Be Necessary

We discourage just showing up looking for a “fun time.” If you haven’t already, be sure to text/email/call ahead and agree how you’ll begin. For example, it’s really effective when a Daddy has you arrive and sends you straight to “your room”–a space or location in the house, or The Corner which he can show you to. Then you need to be there (standing or sitting) and thinking about what’s about to occur. It’s better from our perspective than sitting down and drinking a beer. For our money, that shifts you from a Daddy/boy Spanking to a date.

And Paddlled (1)

The difference is humongous to us.

A couple of solutions for you:

  1. Suggest or ask if he thinks this would work for him. Ideally, Cornertime or being sent directly to “your room” can set the stage and eliminate awkward chatter at the beginning of your meet up.
  2. If we were you, walk or drive there without playing talk radio or any audio with words. We would recommend that you consider listening to pop music or country music and avoid hard rock or anything that gets you out of a kids headspace.
  3. Now, if you are in the “teen” or “adult” age group, then play as such. However, if you’re in any way looking for an unequal Daddy/boy Spanking experience, think through the psychology that’ll keep you in your best headspace, so you are the best Spanking partner you can be.
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2 thoughts on “Preparing for a Spanking Date

  1. Thanks for tve great advice!
    I’ve learned a few other things.
    Always have a fresh crisp pair of briefs on hand. It enhances the experiencesfor both of you.

    If there are things you enjoy ask your Daddy beforehand if he will
    accommodate you. I like
    to be spanked over pants, then briefs, then bare assed, so I ask.

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