Spanking Family Photos

One of the more compelling Tumblr blogs these days is Spanking Family Photos. I’m so impressed by this guy’s vision. Here you’ll find “Tips for Tops!” on how to Spank effectively and memorably. He does also cover a ton of other attendant areas in the nonSpanking Punishments area which I’ll keep updated as much as I can.

Below you’ll find a slideshow of the Spanking Family Trading Cards I’ve developed from their posts. I take no credit for the thinking behind them, but I hope you find this a nice, snackable way to gorge on the largesse they provide on their blog.

See something, say something. If you can think of a card we should make, please make a suggestion in the comments section below, or hit me up on FB, Twitter, or Tumblr. I’m eager to get your thoughts!


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