I’ll Give You Something To Cry About

Cornertime Allow Your Partner to Comtemplate on What Has Happened

OK, boys (and the Men Who Spank us), Daddy told me to write up a blogpost about a Spanking he gave me last night.

He wants me to tell you from my perspective what happened…

After reading the comment from the reader below, I’m renaming this blogpost! I’m calling it:

The Punishment Report

It all starts on a very, very quiet country road outside Middleburg, Va., when about 30 minutes of town, Daddy told me I would do the rest of the driving. Daddy has a hot rod, so when I got behind the wheel on roads with nobody on them, Daddy didn’t realize he had Speed Racer on his hands. I hate driving at the best of times, but gimme speed, and I let the throttle out. We soared into Middleburg about 70 to 90 miles an hour on really really tight, fast turns (not hairpin, just fast turns that begged for acceleration).

I did an admirable job I thought.

Daddy told me several times to not only to slow down, but also that there’d be consequences if I did not. I assumed he meant a ticket or or hitting an oncoming car or a near miss or something. This was not the case. Daddy meant a sound Spanking if I didn’t obey his instructions to slow it down.

So yesterday, Daddy sent me to my room to think about what I’d done.

Then he went and got The Spanking Chair and called me into the second bedroom, where he punishes me when I’ve been bad. It was interesting though. Daddy has taken to using embarrassing, humiliating things now to emphasize when he’s upset with my behavior. He had me come in after getting sent to my room to come find for him the smaller hand paddles. All he could find was the canes, the yardstick, and stuff. But the paddles I’d put in the closet in a bag, and he couldn’t find them, and he’d decided that instead of rooting around for things, he’d make me get the paddle I’d be Spanked with.

I then wandered off back to my room. Daddy said to go wait for him until he was ready. I was waiting for what seemed like hours. I just laid on my bed with my DD Diary and my coloring sheets and my Spiderman notebook and Thor notebook and waited. And waited.

 What I do when I'm sent to my room
Stuff I do when I’m sent to my room

And then he hollered, “jake, come over here.” I walked to the edge of the room and he motioned for me to come over to his right knee. He then pulled me over his knee and explained to me that there are consequences for speeding in Daddy’s car. I was parallel to the floor when I was hearing this, so it wasn’t really a man-to-man conversation. This was a talkin-to across Daddy’s knee, and I was shore getting an earful. Then Daddy Spanked.

Now usually he handSpanks for a good long time and sends me into The Corner, but I guess this time he was through with all the squirming. I do recall now that he said for me to stop squirming, and I was really struggling, so maybe that’s why the really hurtie paddle came crashing down early on. I don’t know, because in the moment, I can get lost sometimes. I did this time, anyways.

And so it was that I ended up in The Corner crying pretty early on, because wow that paddled hurt. He still had my shorts and underpants up, but wow, when Daddy paddles, it doesn’t seem to always matter…but when those shorts come down…all mental hell breaks loose…

But he didn’t pull ‘em down…yet.

He and I had discussed earlier that there was no one home either upstairs or downstairs and when I asked Daddy later when we went for a walk how much of a big deal it was that he had escalated the Spanking from just a bottom warming to a full on Punishment Spanking, he said, “Yeah, well I knew the neighbors weren’t home, so I could raise my voice and really talk to you about what you’d done. It’s way easier when the neighbors aren’t home.”

Daddy’s Paddle Selection

For a time, while I was in The Corner, Daddy left the room. He’s taken to leaving the room more, because aside from not wanting to hear me whimper and cry and complain, he has better things to do, I guess. So he was in the living room. He checks texts and phone calls and does other stuff. He left for a while. I was just standing there with my nose in The Corner. Now, I didn’t always used to obediently stand in The Corner during Cornertime. I would get bored really easily, and not put my nose in The Corner, not stand properly and not fidget. We’ve had Spankings where Daddy has spent an inordinate amount of time just training me to stand properly as he expects me to. Those trainings result in a really really sore bottom, so I stand properly in The Corner now. Daddy knows how that if he leaves the room, I am much better at doing Cornertime the way he expects. I can’t remember recently being punished for not being in The Corner when I’m supposed to be the way I’m supposed to be in quite some time.

At any rate, Daddy came in and said, “Do you know why you’re being punished? Do you understand why Daddy has to Spank you?” And I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “Welll…why? What do you have to say for yourself?” And I did not have the right answer. I still feel like we were driving safely enough and the road was clear and all that and so I clearly did not sound the right notes. He called me over to The Spanking Chair again.

I didn’t budge. I know that if I stand in The Corner properly I get less Spanking. Daddy wasn’t happy about that, pulled me away from The Corner, and made me grab the seat of The Chair. Done came my britches.

He knows I don’t like being Spanked when I have to hold the seat, and I guess he decided that I could have gotten it over the knee, but for disobeying, out came the paddle. He took the Christmas paddle (one leather one he bought one Christmas) and whaled on my bottom. It’s a funny paddle, though, because it doesn’t hurt like The Hairbrush or The Bathbrush. And I think he knew it, because it must not make the same color difference or bruises or something. And so after he paddled me soundly with that, out came The Hairbrush, and boy did that hurt. I couldn’t believe how painful that was.


 Spanking pants and briefs down Cornertime 2
Cornertime: Time To Think About
Why My Behind is Red.

Or maybe it was the long handled paddle or the Marshall’s personal-sized hand paddle. I mean after a while, it’s impossible to know…at any rate, had I never found the paddles for Daddy, I think none of this would have happened, but maybe that was the point of him having me get the paddle for Daddy earlier. Once he knew where they were, he decided everything was fair game.

Anyways, because I got lost in the moment, I don’t really recall much else. I know that after more time in The Corner, again for a pretty long time, and he went and took the pics you see.

Then he left and got me a drink of water and put it in my boy cup.


 my boy cup
My water cup

I was really really hyperventilating, and I think he needed me to calm down. The escalation was super intense and really really important. I think I learned a lot and so did Daddy about why escalating the punishment helps and provides more of a “conclusion” to a Punishment Spanking. It’s super important to remember why you’re being Spanked and when a Spanking like this happens, you remember. It was like those times Daddy punished me for not doing Cornertime correctly. He would beat my bottom until I learned and the escalation he’s employ really help get the point home. So much so that he doesn’t have his boy causing Cornertime problems anymore.


Not me.

But for this driving thing. I was really not feeling very naughty about that. And then when he escalated the punishment, I realized Daddy was serious, and I wasn’t to do this again. Daddy wasn’t in the room and I just had to stand there thinking about all this.

At some point later, Daddy came back to the threshold of the door, I think, and made me walk over to him when he re-entered the room. I was worried, and he said, “Have you learned your lesson?” And he makes me look at him when I answer him, so this is hard to do, and I don’t remember what I said, but Daddy bent me back over and paddled me soundly and with a wooden Spanking stick so it really really hurt and I was bawling and was sent back into The Corner one last time.

I ended up walking back over to him when we came back in and he said, “I am really sorry that I had to Spank you today.”

And I said, “I know. You shouldn’t have to Spank me. I’m sorry Daddy.” 

And Daddy hugged me…

… a lot. Then he said, “Come with me.”

red bottom CU

He walked me (shorts and underpants down) into the living room and had me get across his knees on the sofa. He then rubbed Skin Food (aftercare ointment) into my red, sore bottom. I was so lucky. Daddy doesn’t like a bruised up boy, so I’m luckier than most. But I woke up today and wished Daddy was here, because my bottom is real bruised today.

I have a throbbing, sore bottom, and it’s a pretty effective reminder of what happened yesterday. I do love my Daddy, but I don’t love his Spankings.


A Coda: 

  1. Best email of the week:

    In response to The Punishment Report written above, here’s what andy sent me after reading it:

    “Spankings definitely clear the air and bring things back to a hard reset. I think that’s one of the things they do bestest—besides hurting. Once you move past the pain and the forgiveness, there’s kinda like a space opened up for you to breathe again. And it’s starting over. That’s so healthy and therapeutic. Boys need lotsa do-overs. And daddies need to be the ones to give it to us, too.

    a million hugs,”

    Anderpants author of @alexandergetsspanked 

    Read more about why you shouldn’t speed in Daddy’s car:


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