Bad Ass Weekend 8

After another exciting year at Camp Red Tails, naughty boys and the Men Who Spank them are gearing up for October’s sojourn to the old South. Augusta promises another great year of fun, frolic, and fannys. Red, red fannys.

Confession: I’ve never yet been to Bad Ass Weekend at the Parliament House in Augusta, Ga., however, I understand from hearsay that it’s pretty terrific.

Here’s to hoping you get to go too! But you’ll want to plan ahead. You’ve got several months to beg your boss for the time off, so no time like the present to get started.

The reg page says: 


To encourage everyone to plan ahead, and thereby assist your hosts with planning and purchasing supplies, we ask you to purchase your event pass at least 30 days prior to the event. Knowing how many will attend helps us keep the cost of the weekend at a reasonable rate.

Weekend Passes

$75    Regular Registration ( thru Oct 4)

$100  Late and Door Registration* (Oct 5 – Oct 20)

Day Passes

If you are only able to join us for one day, Day Passes will be available at the BAW office or the Dungeon door during playtime. ($25 Thursday or $40 Friday/Saturday).

*Door registrations and Day passes: please note that you may not get all the perks associated with purchasing early, like a swag bag.

What I’m pretty excited about is the workshops, particularly on caning, use of the strop, and other important “learning” moments within a weekend of play and fun.  Also, I read in the disclaimer you have to sign with your real name is that you agree to not do drugs. I would argue one of the worst things in Spanking and discipline get togethers is how much folks feel the need to do drugs or drink too much alcohol. That’s when dangerous things happen. So from my perspective, these fellas sound like they know precisely what they are doing.

Let’s hope the learning “how-to” sessions are instructive!

The Art and Mystery of Caning

with John Lee Kapner

A cane is one of the more advanced implements used in “spanking” and corporal punishment. It’s also one most often misused by spankers who have not had good instruction. In this workshop, I will draw from my long experience as a switch and cover the use, selection, care, safe and unsafe practices, variety of materials and making one’s own with respect to the cane and caning. The workshop will include hands-on practice.

The Razor Strop

with Sir Ross

The razor strop lands on a butt like no other implement!  We will talk about the history and versatility of this once common domestic implement. The razor strop can be mild to welt-raising, all depending on how it is used. We will cover the basic techniques of strapping, along with some do’s and don’ts of using this implement.

While I do not know John Lee, I do know Ross’ great work, and if you have had any questions, you’d be learning from one of the very best.

Hope to see you there! Can’t wait to see Sir Ross again!



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