Daddy’s Spanking Tools

My Daddy says he makes no differentiation about Spanking. He does it ‘cuz it’s required sometimes. But really, there’s a teeeeeensy bit deeper of a story there. While the images above do not really reflect his take on this (I just found this randomly on the interwebs), they do give you a sense of what they’re for. They’re for Daddy’s choice. Your behaviour, well certainly my behaviour, decides which Spanking Tool Daddy uses. We didn’t even have to talk about it during our Memorial Day trip. The Spanking Tools sat out on the desk in the hotel room for the weekend: a paddle and a cane.

But he selected the paddle when he decided a handSpanking wasn’t sufficient to get the job done. He’s tried The Hairbrush, and sometimes uses that, but he doesn’t like the feel of it in his hand. That paddle does the trick every time for him, and it has something to do with the handle.

It’s funny, but he’s much more precise and capable with the cane, but he avoids using that for some reason, and so I asked.

Daddy said to me:

“Caning I reserve for when you’ve really done something super bad. If you do, you will be whipped. But I think the paddle is just for regular Spankings. Canings are really severe and when I need your attention, I can usually get it by using the paddle. When you’ve gone too far, it’s the cane (or switch).”

These are Daddy’s choices. And frankly, as his boy, I like that I don’t get to think about those things. Once we agreed that DD would be a part of our lives, I really didn’t want to be “directing” the show, and now when it comes to punishment time or Maintenance Spankings, I know I’m in good hands that have already thought about what works, what doesn’t, and why.



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