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Spanking Signifiers for adult boys

An interesting comment came in on the blog that we wanted to share with you. It’s from a 40-year old who has spent a life struggling to realize his need for humiliation-driven discipline. We see this frequently on the blog, and we’re sure you’ve read this a lot in profiles on SpankThis, SouthSpanking, and other sites. But there was something about the detailed signifiers that this adult boy expressed that deserved a closer look:

 Hairbrush legs kicking
Humiliation-Driven Discipline
  1. He references “sense memory” elements of Spankings that are common to most adult boy discipline: underpants and the baring of a boy’s bottom; a chair on which to be Spanked; squirming, and the kicking feet, legs, arms; tears and/or crying; Cornertime; the Spanker being “in charge;” and more.
  2. The repetition of what he is hoping for: time and again repeating like a mantra what is needed to more or less get the job done.
  3. And his call for folks who know about Canadian Spanking parties or get together or Spankers who live in Manitoba seemed like an ideal opportunity for Cornertime Confidential readers to step in and help!
 Happy boy bottoms
Spanking Community is MUCH More Fun
Than Spanking in Solitude!

His letter is almost frustrating to read, because given his location in Manitoba, it’s probably really tough to find suitable partners to do the work that needs to be done. We see so many who find that as adult boys, they can not easily nail down a practical discipline plan with Daddys in their neighborhoods. These boys are usually looking for a simple, effortless connection with another for something that is more or less pretty darned specific. We cannot say it often enough: creating a worldwide Corporal Punishment Community is absolutely critical to help alleviate the pain and frustration that comes with not finding great partners for leading a Corporal Punishment-centered life.

This post is as much a tribute to our many friends across the globe throwing get-togethers for boys and Men Who Spank as it is a look into the signifiers that many adult boys seek out and find hard to get.

You can find out all of the ones Cornertime Confidential knows about at this link.


Here’s the text of Neepawa Manitoba boy’s email:

“I am a 40-year-old who still needs to be taken by the arm walked over to The Chair for a Spanking. Then whoever takes me over to The Chair sits down on the chair pulls down my pants & underpants and puts me over their knee for a Spanking of the child inside of me. I need a Spanking that I will never forget for some time to come, one that leaves me with my feet kicking & my arms awaving around with tears rolling down my face. I need a Spanking with many “owwweee!!!”’s & “I’m sorry!!!” but one that continues until the Spanker feels he is finished. He is in charge while the Spanking is being done.


“Then after the Spanking, I would be made to stand in The Corner for some time with my pants & underpants still down with my red hot bum cheeks showing. This would show my inner-child that I am never too old to have my pants & underpants taken down, placed over someone’s knee (man or woman), and given the tanning of a life time to straighten out that inner-child when he needs it.

“The adult in me says that I never want to be Spanked again ever, but the inner-child inside of me screams out for one every now and then. But no one will give me one ‘cause they all see a 40-year-old male instead of that 7- to 10-year-old that I actually am inside. That little boy inside of me is screaming out for someone to discipline him by taking down his pants & underpants placing that little boy across their knees & with their hand or belt/strap tanning that boy’s fanny until he learns to behave.

Woodshed 1

“‘Cause one can only Spank themselves so long, before you realize it doesn’t have the same effect as someone else doing the Spanking. So if anyone can help me out with a Punishment Spanking & Cornertime or know where to send me in the area that I live in I would be most grateful. My inner-child will thank you as well!

“I live in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada, and this inner-child’s bare bum will be waiting to be hearing from you & hoping for the fanny tanning that will be coming.”


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