How Should a Spanking Should be Administered?

Manhandling, Over-powering, Out-manning adult boys

This series of .gif images is from the prequel video called “The Consequences of Cheating, and you can see it here. It’s a really great video that could be instructive for Daddys looking to discover new ways to incorporate important elements for Spanking boys soundly.

Well, since the blogger @SpankingLads posed this on Tumblr, turns out this video struck a nerve. I think it might be a cross between the boy’s pants, the boy himself, and maybe the coach in this scene. The message to me is: wow this resonated, and I think the website that produces these vids knows it! Shot a lifetime ago in 2012, these folks must still be living off all the downloads, and I’m happy to contribute!

Here’s how one reader of the StraightLadsSpanked (where this video was produced) put it:

“Karl’s face seems to hide a lot of pain and humiliation in his movies, but we can see glimpses of emotion trickle through during this extremely harsh spanking from Bailey. IMO, this is one of the most severe spankings I’ve seen on SLS. I loved everything about the entire scene, especially Bailey’s strength and dominance over Karl. Watching Karl being lifted like a rag doll was awesome and his legs dangling helplessly added a special touch.”

The original post from @spankinglads on tumblr noted a particularly important point:

“This is how a punishment spanking should be given. The naughty boy is manhandled, over powered and out-manned. It is clear he is not in charge, and that the Spanking is only going to stop until his coach says so!”

But Randy from “The Beatings Blog” disagrees:

“I don’t think violence, roughness, needs to be part of a domestic discipline relationship. I don’t think it adds anything, at least not to mine. When I am to be discipline, he isn’t angry, just in charge. He has a job to do, and so do I. I don’t object or beg for it not to happen. He doesn’t overpower me. He has already over powered me by the nature of who he is and who I am. 

“He quietly, assuredly does what he has to do, what he wants to do, and I, quietly, resignedly do what  he expect of me. He does not demand, nor does he need to. I do not need or want to “get out of it.” This is who we are: he the man with the strap, and me the man with the bottom to be beaten.“



The good news is the quality Spanking video full of tips and tricks you can try at home with your boys has a latest version, or the sequel, as they say in Hollywood.
Thanks to @strict-teacherman, we have an answer of how to find it too!! Yay!

The sequel video which I didn’t excerpt here is available complete with a video preview at this URL. 



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