Vintage JC Penney’s Briefs

Hey y’all. As you may recall, I am a bit of an underpants aficianado.

But ChuckMN outshined us all in the briefs department…look what he found!

For those who don’t know, these are vintage, the real deal, JCPenneys, Towncraft briefs from probably the late ’70s/early ’80s.

Why JCPenneys would phase out these AWESOME pants is anyone’s guess!

Thankfully there are tons of great briefs-makers out there. While they don’t always fit right, depending on your body type—so I’m a 32 and fairly trim and Tiger Underpants don’t fit super well, but then Fruit of the Loom don’t either for some reason!—I wanted to introduce you to a new online briefs manufacturer, Monkey Duds.

They were super kewl and offered me a fresh pair to try out, break in, and generally review for their manufacturing process. I’m thrilled to present you now the opportunity to purchase these superkewl looking and feeling briefs.

monkey duds briefs

You can get yours here, at Monkey Dud’s website.

And for those of us out there who lives as real boys, they have an outer space shirt too! I don’t have that yet, but…with these briefs, I can’t do wrong. I’ll be super space boy!



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