Dinnertime Discipline

On Tumblr Saturday, I saw this pic and caption from Josh:

Getting a daddy paddling is ten times worse than a school paddling…

I could only agree…

On Friday—after having gotten a hard, fast paddled in the middle of dinner on Wednesday for mocking Daddy at the table—Daddy and I had dinner again. This time I figured I wouldn’t cause trouble.

You can see in this pic how a hard paddling can cause a boy to rethink his smart mouth.

But on his way over for dinner on Friday after work, he texted me to go to my room and wait for him until he arrived. He wanted to talk. I didn’t check texts, which he’d told me to do. I got into a wormhole on the web, and I didn’t really look up when he came in. I was having a good time with a fellow blogger/podcaster.

Friday’s Dinnertime Discipline Tools

Anyways, he decided that after Wednesday, this wasn’t OK. He decided to finish the job he started two days prior. He said, “Get the Spanking Chair and put it in the living room.” I was NOT interested in doing that. In the living room, the blinds were open, it was day out, and anyone could have seen in. I was really surprised because Daddy doesn’t like folks to see him Spanking me.

But there I was nervous, given Wednesday’s paddling, about disobeying again. So, I did as I was told. But once over his knee, he hauled my shorts and briefs down immediately, baring my heinie, and Spanking me right there, in the middle of the living room. I started getting really upset and began bucking too much and was hitting his thigh with my clenched fists, apparently. I did kinda remember doing that, but it didn’t stick in my mind. So he said,

“What the hell are you doing?”
I didn’t respond.

So he pushed me off his lap, and made me get up and march to The Spanking Room, where he keeps the Spanking Tools (see pics of the chair and the Spanking Sticks to the right here in The Spanking Room, a small bedroom which he usually just uses for discipline) which he hadn’t brought into the living room. I guess I was just gonna get a handSpanking in the living room. But the fussing and fighting resulted in much more…

Try sittin this bottom on a wooden chair
Two days after yer Spankin…yeeeeesh.

Anyways, I had to get the Spanking Chair again and move it to The Spanking Room. That sucked. I was stuck there in the living room with him already down the hall and in the doorway to The Spanking Room with my ‘pants down and my bare butt on display. I was trying to pull them up and he said,

“Get in here now with that chair. Nevermind with your ‘pants. You don’t need those up anyways.”
I stood still and didn’t move. And he yelled, “March! Get in here now, jake, right now.”

And in minutes, I was standing at The Chair with my hands on the seat of the chair and Daddy was doing batting practice on my fanny with the paddles. Eventually, I’m not really remembering why, but during Cornertime I didn’t respond correctly while he was scolding me, and he went to get the cane you see in the pic. Then he switched my bottom at least like 20 times or more, I remember saying the wrong thing, and he just began whipping repeatedly and the count was way off, and it must have been like another 25 times or something. Argh.

After this Spanking, Daddy was as shook up as I was. He made me apologize for making him Spank me, and for getting him so upset. Then we went on a walk, instead of just sitting down to dinner. We needed time to digest what had happened, so we walked and talked about why Spanking is so important and why it is also so upsetting. I walked rubbing the seat of my jeans a lot, and he told me repeatedly to, “Stop that.”

We got home and heated dinner up and Daddy made me get him a glass of wine. He really needed it. After eating most of dinner he said, “This relationship is difficult when you make me Spank you twice in one week. It’s really important you don’t do that.”

I sat on Daddy’s lap and hugged him. I said I was sorry. He said, “I hope so.”

Anyways, now it’s Sunday. I’m blogging to you all about this week’s home life. Even on this cushion (I have a very helpful “Tush Cush” which I highly recommend for boys who get their bottoms whacked frequently enough to need one.), I’m in need a getting up and walking, not sitting today.

I’m off to lunch soon with a friend. I’m trying to find a place where I can just stand during lunch. Chipotle has highboy cocktail tables in the front window in Dupont. Maybe there?!

I sit here on this Sunday…wishing my bottom wasn’t so darned sore.


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