Washing Your boy’s Mouth Out With Soap

  • Sick of the backtalk?
  • Tired of the smart remarks?
  • Think you’re just being funny, but your boy says your just being dumb?

The answer may lie in your (kitchen or) bathroom.

Open defiance is as much a problem with adult boys as foul language. Sure, groan ups use bad language all the time. That’s precisely why it can be really hard for Daddy to implement a mouthsoaping, when he himself knows he uses foul language when pushed.


Today, let’s take a look at a few simple steps that you can use and share with your social media buddies, so you have a nice clean weekend.


Cornertime Confidential just loves cool, online storytelling and blogpost re-envisioning software and such. StorymapSocialShare, and Storify are only three of the ones we’ve found.

If you know other cool ways of retelling blogposts, so they’re easier to read or more share-able, please please let us know! Here’s to hoping you find the re-envisioning of this May blogpost helpful or super kewl. And please retweet it or repost…


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