The Spanking “Dance”

This week we’re reblogging our story about The Spanking “Dance,” an autonomic reaction caused in the boy when a Spanking gets particularly intense. The more you dive into Corporal Punishment, the more often you’ll see it in others during discipline time.

I’ve added in two other examples of “Spanking Dances” from other videos that have captured this moment.

Note at the end of this .gif the Scrambling Foot Work of boyJoey!
That’s the Paddle Dance…

The Paddle Dance!

A big thanks to BadMonkey94 for reposting!

Look how much satisfaction Daddy Clifton here gets when paddling boyJoey. In the .gif, you get a nice slow-mo example of what a satisfying paddling looks like—how do you know you’re getting through to a boy? When the Paddle Dance starts, the paddling is working! It’s nice how this autonomic reaction gives Daddys the guidance they need to know what they’re doing is working.

The key for Daddy is seeing his boy dance as his paddling concludes. His legs are unable to stop kicking and scrambling to gain control over the situation, because Daddy wields the paddle so well. That’s the clue you’re doing this right.

But the other element here that adds exponentially to the experience is the viewpoint from boyTravis here. For me the other key factor that’s really engrossing is boyTravis’ implied experience, and ours, as we see our red-bottomed boy reach behind to hold his own well-paddled bottom. While he does, he watches what the paddling of himself must have looked like for his buddy when boyJoey was watching boyTravis’ Spanking.

 boyTravis’ Well-paddled Bottom,

There’s really sooooo much here in these few images. Nothing can hold a candle to Clifton’s efforts to capture “scolding” of his boys. I think he and Stephen from the Saarland Spanking Factory, deliver the best “talkin’ to’s” I’ve ever seen captured on video.

But let’s stay focused on Clifton’s work here. There is so much to appreciate in the original video. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase the video access, so you can see Travis and Joe’s Spanking in the kitchen. The whole thing is really well handled. I recommend every single paddling, switchin’, and strapping of Travis, as you can probably all guess. He is Cornertime Confidential’s avatar, after all!

Seriously though, is the very best Spanking vid ever? Well, there’s quite a competition in that category, but I have to say there are things here that are incomparable. I suppose I find anything featuring Travis and his perfect reddening bottom and his incredible response to having his fanny warmed by Clifton’s paddle, switch, and strap that makes this the very best vid I’ve seen.

I will preface this by saying that there used to be a Daddy called Southern Discipline who made a woodshed strapping complete with Cornertime that was comparable, but since that’s no longer available, I bring you Travis’ view of his buddy’s Punishment Spanking.

boyTravis’ Viewpoint, Watching his Buddy Having His Fanny Paddled

For More on the Exceptional Work of Clifton and his boys:


And just for good measure, here are two more versions of the autonomic reaction we call “The Spanking Dance!”


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