Missing Link: Can You Help Identify This .Gif?

Lockers Room 1


https://assets.tumblr.com/post.js“>In the link above

is this set of images, and Cornertime Confidential needs to know where this comes from. Does anyone recognize these actors and/or know what TV ad or show or movie this comes from?

Locker Room 2

Your help GREATLY appreciated.

xoxo, your trusty bloggers here at Cornetime Confidential.

Locker Room 3

OK, y’all so crowdsourcing DOES work! While not of the finest quality resolution, the good folks at MonkeyDuds.com helped lead me to the source. Here’s the original


A big shout out to the following for today’s search and rescue operation.
As a coda to this weekend’s search, I really liked what monkeyduds had to say about this specific commercial:

“I remember the ad because to me it clearly implied that the time before the commercial starts Michael Jordan wore white briefs to the gym”

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