The Dudes Spanking Dudes Interview: Cornertime Confidant

We Want to ‘Ear From You!

As you can imagine, I was over the moon when RedSpankScott asked if I’d like to do a podcast episode with him about Daddy/boy relationships, age play, and Domestic Discipline. It wasn’t a tough ask; I’m a push-over when it comes to these topics. It’s been a great couple of Skype calls to develop today’s content with Scott. SO a BIG THANK YOU to Scott for all his work on this.

Please send me all your questions, reflections, and opinions. I’d love to hear from you.

We cover the waterfront on Domestic Discipline for me and Daddy and the Rules by which we have built this relationship.

  • What parts resonate for you?
  • What parts make no sense at all to you?

Looking forward to the feedback.

Have a great HumpDay, y’all. I just hope the hump you are over, aren’t a bunch of pillows, and your ‘pants are up around your hips.



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