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The Cornertime Crew in Trouble Again…

A Look at Bonding, Blogposting, Partying, and Super ‘Pants!

There’s a lot more to our lives than just the CP. There’s also the community! (And now, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, the Cornertime Crew store at

‘zander’s bottom: Cornertime Crew member’s new briefs

Writing this blog and the Tumblr that goes along with it, we meet a lot of boys and Men Who Spank. In doing this writing, we’ve slowly created what I’ve been calling a Corporal Punishment Community.

And like I said above, there’s a lot more to our lives than just the CP. There’s also the community! And so it was that we were seeking other boys who could tell their stories or have the Daddys out there tell their stories.

In the process, 3 other boys began an online rapport to discuss ideas, share our relationship or even just hook up successes, and otherwise enjoy boy bonding. You’ve probably seen all of our blogs on Tumblr:

The best part has been fun, silly sideshows that 4 little boys can get up to. So on the not-so-naughty side, A Kinky Grad, a boy we’ll call brett, created the logo you see above. He made a bunch of designs, but we all settled on this on because it avoided the paddle, the switch, and the cane which made us all wince!!! While it might have been more true to who we are, we really didn’t want those images on the seat of our pants, on baseball caps, or on t-shirts.

We now can bring you our new Cornertime clothing site:

This site will supply you with your very own Cornertime Crew clothing, notepads, coffee mugs, stuffies, and more!

Kicking off this exercise, we made our own briefs, and I made one t-shirt to wear with my briefs.  They turned out pretty darned cool. 

  • We’d been emailing and blogging about everything from:
  • Daddy/boy relationships
  • life living as a middle
  • life as a little 
  • not identifying as a single age (baby j seems himself as a baby sometimes, a teen sometimes, and a grown up as well),
  • as well as areas and topics that are no-go areas for us.

Now we’re branching out! In addition to writing our individual blogs, we’re digging in deeper to our appreciation for the value of Corporal Punishment, the unpleasantness of a fanny warming, and how much we hate and often need a Punishment Spanking.

We want you to join us boys (and the Men Who Spank us!) by joining  The Cornertime Crew.


anderpants for andy“Hi. I’m Alexander or Zander, though sometimes I get called zanderpants. I’m like a cross between Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and Ben 10 if he were in kindergarten. So, I guess, I’d be Ben 5. My favorite color is Blue. And my favorite foods all start with “p!” 

Be my Cornertime Crew buddy!”



jake“Hi! I’m Jake and I’m crafty and naughty.  Sometimes I’m good at  following the Rules, butt (hee hee…I said “butt”) mostly I’m in it for the fun. 

My fav color is … surprise!!!!…red!!!!
Be my Cornertime Crew buddy!”

Even more, a few of us are going to be speaking about how much we want Daddy and boy time together, which doesn’t include Spankings.

So we all hope you’ll join us in the discussion, join the Cornertime Crew. You don’t just have to buy a shirt, although we’d love that! You can get yourself an iron, and iron-on your very own Cornertime Crew Spanking ‘pants. You can ask us questions and get the answers you’re seeking. We are available here and on all of our Tumblr blogs above.

We hope you’ll all be in touch and bombard us with questions. We wanna get to know you all, so we can also have meet ups, maybe even do an event. We are U.S.-centric right now, so we’d love folks from other countries offering to be boy-leaders or Daddy-leaders to help drive engagement in your countries. And we’d love a West Coast friend. We have the east coast, the South, and the Great Lakes covered.  Now…let’s begin.


four little boys from the Cornertime Crew
Join the boys and the Men Who Spank us in The Cornertime Crew.
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