Spanking & The Neighbors

Today’s topic: How to maintain effective discipline while living in close proximity to your neighbors.

paddled at Daddy's house 1

Just look at this picture above!

How do you paddle a bottom this red and this sore and abrased in a city, when your neighbors are literally only feet from your Spanking Chair on the other side of the wall that separates your apartments?

When you live in a city or in a neighborhood where your neighbors can hear when Spankings take place (if they are home when the discipline problem begins), the biggest problem for Daddys and their adultboys is to have a place to soundly Spank. It’s rarely convenient—usually at least one of your neighbors is home when a Spanking is needed.

Is there a room “interior”-enough to serve as a dedicated Spanking Room?

Spankings should be pretty spontaneous where possible, so if you need to be punished in the kitchen, will the neighbors see? Will they call the cops?

The DD lifestyle enables us to discuss solutions with one another in our coupled relationships (or multi-member DD families, it’s important to have solutions you can live with below, we have a 5-point strategy to help you live with your living situation!

Spanking-at-home Case Study 1

Neighbors not home.

Punishment Chair Dennis the Menace Underpants Red bottom
Let’s begin with the optimum situation. See, there was this Labor Day Weekend about a year or two ago now, when Daddy decided to stop scolding, and start Spanking. I knew I was in for when he just glared at me and told me to go to my room.

He didn’t realize the back windows were open, but for whatever reason the neighbors in the flat next door hadn’t moved out yet and the neighbors above hadn’t come home from work yet. So Daddy had the time to speak loudly during the Spanking, administer a really sound paddling, and then follow up with discussion later at full volume, rather than trying to keep our voices down about why he had to Spank me.

This is the ideal world (except for the windows in the back being open) where Daddy can Spank soundly without interruption.

Aug 28 Maintenance Spanking trip to the supermarket 2
Daddy Getting Frustrated That the Damned Batman Belt is Hard to get on Correctly.

Then afterward, Daddy can make me apologize loudly and clearly as I’m required to, and he and I can speak full volume about why that Spanking was administered, what I learned from it, and then (and I don’t recall if this happened that day, but) we can review any punishment report, lines I had to write, or other post-Spanking follow-up Daddy assigns.

Done with Aftercare, Daddy pulled up my little underpants, snapped my elastic waistband, and told me to go get him shorts that he could dress me in to go to the supermarket in. He pulled some adult shorts on over my ‘pants. I remember this distinctly because my Batman belt wasn’t fitting right (Turns out, Yay!, I’d lost a little weight in the middle!). And, so Daddy took the time to fix my belt, so it was snug and we went to get stuff to make dinner with.

But that’s not how it usually happens…


Spanking-at-home Case Study 2

Neighbors at home, but you don’t realize it.
Usually for the last 3 years, we are stuck suffering under the Frankenstein monster tiny woman neighbor above who is maybe, on a good day, 95 pounds. She’d stomp around and stomp around, and then give me the worst looks when me and my Daddy would sit on the steps outside of the house watching the world go by after I’d get a paddling.

Paddling 2 Jan 25 2017
Lay There and Think About  Why I Had To Spank You

Daddy and I would have to whisper afterwards, after Daddy makes me hug him and apologize. And sometimes we whisper about why I got a Spankin or talk about what on earth those people who walked by were wearing on their feet to make such a noise! But either way, she’d interrupt our punishment time and the really important Aftercare period when we were reconnecting after a particularly sore-bottomed outing in the apartment, and just glare at us!

Her boyfriend says nothing and is friendly as pie. But this tiny woman was so bitter, and heavy, she must have known she was making it uncomfortable for everyone.

Spanking-at-home Case Study 3

Technological Interruptions

Another complication these days is mobile phones. On another Spanking Room visit, Daddy was attempting to deliver a sound Spanking when my phone was going off with rings and dings and whistles alerting me to texts, emails, and updates mostly from friends who wanted to make plans to go out.

Daddy didn’t really have a solution in the moment, but he made sure we addressed the phone the second we had the chance to. During Cornertime, apparently (Daddy told me later), he went over to my phone which by now had a locked screen, and he could see I’d had 3 missed calls, and umpteen texts. He did his best not to rush the Spanking and make the Cornertime punishment last long enough to make his point.

It was so annoying for Daddy that before he applied Aftercare to my red, sore bottom, he told me to check my phone to make sure no one was about to knock on the damned door!


Arrrrrgh Charlie Brown
“Aaaaaaaargh!” —Charlie Brown

5 DD Steps to Consider When You’ve Got Neighbors

Step 1: Learn to get over your fear of making the neighbors uncomfortable. (Funny, but our neighbors mostly do not make a big stink about things much any more. Frankenstein girl doesn’t live above us anymore).

Step 2: When you Spank adult boys, expect that there will be noise from the paddle or hand cracking across your boy’s big bottom. If you are concerned about sound, try wire hangers, canes, or other whippy Spanking Sticks rather than paddles, belts, and such. Though much quieter, they can get your point across very well when applied appropriately.

Step 3: Expect that your voice may carry when you lecture or scold your boys. Expect your boy may yelp loudly, if Spanked hard

Step 4: Deliver a sound Spanking, no matter the interruption, then address interruptions during Cornertime or other breaks you may take DURING the Spanking

Step 5: Apply Aftercare when necessary, and remember to discuss at full volume when possible why the Spanking had to be administered, and require your boy answer you about why he thinks he got Spanked. Do not shy away from post-Spanking discussion to make sure the Spanking experience is remembered by your boy.

Then take slow and steady baby steps to achieve your version of what you think your dream DD relationship might look like.Daddy and I are finding ways to make Domestic Discipline work even though we do not live together.  A truly Domestic Discipline relationship can be had for the asking…and a little elbow grease. The hardest part is the asking….ask for what you really want, and don’t let interruptions get too much in the way.

Happy Labor Day, Daddys and boys.

padded Batboy wearing wrong shirt
Daddy Helped me get Ready for the Supermarket


An aside:

When I was about 25, a friend I was visiting said, “Oh my gawd, the neighbors, those two guys, well, I heard a hard slap when I was out in the hallway fumbling for my keys to my apartment. Then out of nowhere I hear one of them yelp, and I heard the one who hit him say, ‘Put that down. I told you not to pick up things you could break.'”

Looking back now, it wasn’t abuse. It was Domestic Discipline for a couple in the city. My buddy just didn’t know, and heck, I didn’t know, that adults did this with one another in healthy relationships. But I also remember not thinking anything of it when I saw them the next time. I wasn’t in a DD relationship, so I didn’t understand or make the connections. Maybe my neighbors don’t really do so either.


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