7-Step Program for Effective Mouthsoaping

7-STep Program

boy’s Fears of Mouthsoaping 

“One more word out of you, and 

I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap!”

I think nearly every boy has been told this at some point or another. But as Cornertime Crew members @alexandergetsspanked and @thekinkygrad state above…most boys would want to do just about anything or say just about anything to get out of having their mouths washed out with soap.

Just look how many notes this exchange got on Tumblr!


Note how Daddy Howard Here Swiftly, yet Firmly, Inserts
Then Calms His Scared boy With a pat on the Head.

Well, today, Cornertime Confidential brings you a 7-step guide on how to effectively apply this nonSpanking punishment, so you have a discipline solution for boys who say “NO!” too much, curse when not permitted, or otherwise do not obey their Daddys.

In an effort to help with some pointers on how to effectively implement soap and the threats of mouthsoaping as a part of punishment…

Cornertime Confidential’s Mouthsoaping 7-Step Program

  1. Warnings first. Focus on the threat of it, as much as the doing of it. boys love the idea of it, but may very well not be in the least bit ready for this intense experience. This can be really effective with boys you do not know.  Threaten it, but don’t do it. The fear and anticipation on their part will have them thinking about it for days after their Spankings.
  2. Slow and Steady. Once you decide that it is time to wash your boy’s mouth out with soap, best laid plans of mice and men cannot prevent the boy’s trepidation from overtaking the experience and shutting it down. On the first try, do not leap in. Go gently, and train the boy slowly. Coax him to obey your instructions. Over time, the experience will enable you to be more aggressive, and the boy more passive.
  3. Adapt your technique. Adjust your technique with your boy the next time, based on your discussion (see #7 below). Things to consider include: Scolding with your pointer finger. Earpulling. Using The Hairbrush or Swatter during the mouthsoaping. to help keep the boy focused.
  4. Pull him over to the sink. Knowing the first three steps, now it’s time to take action. Make him unwrap the bar of soap. Have him hand it to you. While he does that, swat his behind, pull his ear, and scold.
  5. Express your disappointment in his verbal misbehaviour. Proceed with vigor and seriousness as you discipline your boy by giving him the clean mouth he refuses to use when he’s with you or others.
  6. Additional Punishment: from reader StrictBro, he recommends the following: “ In addition to the various techniques you’ve described above (all of which I’ve used to positive result), I have also found it effective to have the boy hold the bar of soap in his mouth during post-Spanking Cornertime. It allows him time to reflect on his misdeed while the self-discipline required to keep the dissolving bar in his mouth and the acrid taste it provides, guarantees the young man will think twice in the future before allowing his mouth to run away with itself again.
  7. Discuss. Long after the mouthsoaping experience has ended, sit down with your boy, completely clothed, over a cup of coffee for you, hot chocolate for him, and discuss seriously how soap worked or didn’t work and why.
Once Safely Inserted, Soap Need Not Be It’s Only Punishment
Swats on the Bottom Can Help Drive Home Your Message
If you made it this far, you may also want to read the more complete blogpost on this topic from 2013. In that post, at the bottom in the comments section is feedback from a load of readers. 
Be sure to weigh in! 
  • Cornertime Confidential always recommends Lux, but what kind of soap have you used that has made the best impression? 
  • What other techniques can you share, so other boys and the Men Who Spank them can learn from your experience.
@SpankBengal gets a clean mouth and a sore behind!


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