Spanking Positions for Naughty boys

OTK: “spankee cannot get out of position without the Spanker’s approval.”

Just about everyone could use a primer or a “Guide To Spanking boys” that’s easy to follow and implement. And thankfully Tumblr provides a ton of informative and educational options. Below two blogs Cornertime Confidential follows provide some context and content to more deeply seat Spanking as a disciplinary tool in the crux of the time you spend with your boys. 

The bed position is great for after an OTK Spanking 
when you really want to teach the boy a lesson!

Spanking Positions for Naughty boys

By Spankinglads and @TimeforaSpanking Tumblr blogs

…intimidating, embarrassing, humiliating… 

1. Over The Knee (OTK) (Pics
1,2 & 3) – 
The Spanker sits either at the edge of
couch/bed or on a plain,
armless Spanking Chair while the
spankee lies flat across the Spanker’s lap. This position is the most
common in Disciplinary Spanking for
two reasons – the spankee’s buttocks are in a very Spankableposition,
and the spankee cannot get out of position without the Spanker’s approval. In
the first picture the boy lies over both of his Daddys knees. 

This gives him
the ability to lift the boys bottom in the air. However for full control over a
lad (as seen in pic 2 & 3 above) Daddy can put the boy over 1 knee and use the
other leg to stop the boy kicking. He can also stop the boy from reaching back,
by pinning his arm against his back. 

The OTK position is
intimidating, embarrassing, humiliating and painful for the boy. For full
control over the boy, this is by far the best option.
2. Over the Bed (Pics 4 &

Normally, the over the bed position is used when Daddy is going to spank the boy with the Belt. It’s a comfortable position for lengthy Spankings and ensuing diversions. 

Another helpful element of this position is that the spankee can be made to lay face-down on a bed. The boy’s face should be pressed to
the mattress while his hips and bottom are elevated on pillows. Since pillows
are compressible, it may take three or four to achieve the proper elevation
 of his bottom. Daddy can’t
physically control the boy in this position so he needs to
 be verbally dominant and explain to the lad
exactly what is expected of him.

…his face should be pressed to the mattress while his
hips and bottom are elevated on pillows…


3. Bent over the Counter / Table
/ Chair
The spankee stands up, but with
the torso resting horizontally on a desk or table. In another version, the
spankee just holds onto the edge of the desk without the torso resting on the
desk. This is probably the best position for paddling
or belting because the bottom is presented in relaxed manner. 

Again with this
position it is difficult to control a boy, so verbal commands are needed. There
is also many variants to this position. For example, the boy could be bent over
with his hands on his knees or his ankles. The bottom is presented in a
plumper, more paddle-friendly shape but visually, the position is still very “school”-like. With this bent over position it is important the boys feet are
spread apart. Feet should be shoulder width apart and hand positioning
enforced. Don’t let the boy arch his back! Take control and make sure his bare
bottom is sticking out for you to Spank. He might also
try to predict when the next Spank is coming and move, so add variance to your Spanking style and approach!


The bent over position is one
of the best positions for paddling / strapping / belting a boy, and will give
you a bit more control than having the lad lay on the bed!
4. Wheelbarrow Position (Pic 8)
The wheelbarrow Spanking position is often described as the most
humiliating of all Spanking positions. As the spankee is completely vulnerable
and exposed. His hands are on the floor with hips balanced on the Spanker’s lap.
The Spanker is in a seated position, in a comfortable Spanking Chair perhaps.
The Spanker has full view of the spankee’s private and most tender places. This
is a very sexual and sensual, so maybe not the best position for a Discipline Spanking! 

In this position the spankee’s entire ass, cock, balls and asshole
are exposed and on display as the wheelbarrow Spanking is very “in your face”.
The spankee in a very submissive position, he has little control. Holding himself
up, his weight is balanced by his arms and the bottom half of his body is
completely controlled by his Spanker. To add to the effectiveness of this
position the Daddy can take control by holding the boys privates to keep him in
from moving. He could also make the boy do press-ups while being Spanked to
bring an element of further physical control.

The Wheelbarrow position is
great for erotic Spankings, but not so much if the boy has done something
wrong, and you want to teach him a lesson!
5. The Diaper Position (Pic 9)
The diaper position, also called “legs up” position, is a Spanking
position in which the lad lies on his back, (e.g. on a bed or couch), and their
legs are elevated and held above their body, thus exposing the buttocks for Spanking. The spankee may hold his own legs, or perhaps more commonly, they may
be held by the Spanker

If the Spanker holds the spankee’s legs, he may use them to raise the lower part of
the spankee’s body slightly off its support, thus further exposing his bottom.
It is also very practical to place a cushion under the spankee’s hips for the
same purpose. It’s a difficult position for Daddy to master as he will need to
overpower the boys legs to keep him in position. It is also the most
humiliating position for a boy, everything is on show to Daddy. 

When Spanking
in the diaper position, Daddy must take special care to not accidentally hit
the boy’s genitals. One option is to allow the spankee to cover their
genitals/testes with their hand during a Spanking in this position, or to have the boy wear a

The diaper position is great
for Daddys who really want to humiliate and embarrass their boy. However, it’s
not great for Punishment Spankings as it’s difficult to control the boy. 
These are just 5 of the many
positions you can use to Spank your boy. But there is also some other helpful
tips that are important when thinking about positioning:

Why Verbal Instruction can be
Necessary Throughout the Spanking 

Adjustment & Readjustment – I think
it’s important to deliberately position and adjust the spankee prior to the
first swat. Emphasis should be placed on positioning and presenting the bottom
fully. Throughout the Spanking, the spankee should be readjusted as his
position begins to fail.

Verbal Instruction – I think it’s best to require
the spankee to willfully maintain his own position without the physical
assistance of the Spanker, especially in the case of stand-up paddlings.
Therefore, verbal communication is necessary throughout the Spanking to
encourage the spankee to continue to assume the correct position. 

Pickiness – One of the disciplinary aspects of Spanking is that
no matter how perfect the spankee is positioned, they can always improve, stick
their bottom out a little further, etc. The Spanker should not feel guilty that
their exacting demands regarding position are perhaps a little too picky and

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