DD, Age Play, Daddy/boy Definitions

As I prepared with the host of a podcast about CP with @RedSpankScott,  I was asked a few questions that got me thinking. Is it possible he’s not the only one who could use some simple distinctions between these terms:

  • Age Play,
  • Domestic Discipline, and
  • Daddy/boy relationships

You can still catch that discussion (with over 800 folks who also listened in!) at this link here.

So many are just drive-by Spankers, that those of living with Spanking in our lives on a regular basis, might want to know. So…as I think we do pretty well throughout the blog with extensive interviews with Men Who Spank, Daddys who specialize in scolding and disciplining effectively, and many boys with their own idiosyncratic experiences… I decided to provide more definition

Here’s the Cornertime Confidential answers to the Dudes Spanking Dudes questions:

What is a Domestic Discipline relationship?
For me this is a relationship nested in the regular trust and love of a good, healthy dom/sub relationship, but with the added dimension of Spanking and other, for lack of a better word, non-Spanking punishments (i.e., mouthsoaping, line writing, Cornertime, etc). Many DD relationships define the course of Corporal Punishment to be handled when House Rules are broken. Two (or more) men are in a relationship where there are Rules, and when the Rules are broken, consequences like Spanking—rather than, say. endless arguments, passive aggressive behaviours, or the silent treatment—are administered to make a point, establish a boundary, and remain a warning that if the behaviour recurs, the next time it’ll be more severe.
How does it differ from Age Play?
Age play connotes a purely play space for adults. It can mean Daddy/boy play or Schoolmaster/schoolboy or by extension (beyond the age play) arresting officer/troublemaker, warden/prisoner. I think of age play as a simple extension of the power exchange work developed by our forefathers.


Where do Daddy/boy relationships fit into this?
A lot of concern arises when you use this term, because there appears to be a sick, psychological edge to it. I had a perfectly healthy relationship with my Dad in real life, and even much healthier than my straight brother did with our Dad. I was able to confront my Dad about all sorts of things before he died, which my brother never could. Because of his ability to grow too by addressing and confronting the things that had bothered me about him, I would consider him to have been an anchor in my life. However, in no way do I think of my boyfriend, who I now call “Daddy,” to be my Dad like in real life.He’s an extension of our Domestic Discipline relationship and when I’m in my “boy” headspace (e.g., not at work, not working on stuff I have to do for work or dealing with the house or stuff like that), when I’m not a groan up, I can be Daddy’s boy and Daddy does all sorts of great things to help me feel like his little guy (there is, btw, a significant size difference in our relationship, but there doesn’t have to be. It’s very much a “head space” to live and play in when you are together with your boy(s) or boyfriend(s).The other similarity in these two different types of Dads is that they both Spank, hard. But there’s definitely a difference, obviously.

Is this too much? too personal? Too vague? Perhaps.

Cornertime Confidential readers we welcome your input!


How do these terms affect your life? 


How do you define them?
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