HBO’s The Deuce

 Vintage Underpants at Their Dramatic Best

BTW, y’all. As you all know, there was a time when all men and boys wore white underpants, usually briefs. Thankfully the former producers/writers of HBO’s “The Wire” discovered this fact, and have featured it prominently in their ’70s pastiche series “The Deuce.”

For a very grown up treat, HBO’s “The Deuce” began airing this week with James Franco. Wowzah. Kinda a downer, but still…well worth watching.

And in three different sections of just the first episode, men’s white briefs feature prominently.

  1. In one, a stocky john is finished and he pulls on his big white underpants
  2. In another, Franco is leaving his wife and packing a suitcase with his white underpants in his hands featured prominently in close up
  3. In the final one I can recall (I may have missed one), a boy is visiting with our lead prostitute, and the waistband of his Towncraft JC Penneys briefs is featured prominently in multiple shots as he “gets over” his premature ejac.

I fully expect the whole series will be filled with white brief’ed males. I’m looking forward to this, in between all the awful prostitution stuff…and episode 3 or was it 4 didn’t disappoint. After Candy is finished with her john, she boots him out of her seedy hotel room and he gets out of bed naked and snaps his old school white briefs mostly into place, baring his behind to the camera as the briefs don’t get all the way up and give us quite a show.

Let’s hope we’ll see much more. If you can handle the heavy script, you’ll love the briefs, at any rate, if interested: 

the jakester


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