Q&A With an Inbetweener: ASB

G skoolshortz“The great thing about a Dad/son relationship is Dad’s ultimately always in charge so you never get into unresolvable arguments about anything (which can easily happen in a regular adult/adult relationship). If we fundamentally don’t agree, I just have to do as I’m told. We’re both happier as a consequence…”

—G, author of @SkoolShortz

I enjoy a lot of the posts on @SkoolShortz on Tumblr. The author there, G, has some really interesting points about his adult schoolboy life like you can see in the quote above.

“I study in my spare time (foreign languages, as it happens), so I have regular study time at my desk at home and regularly discuss progress with my Dad. But I don’t live with my Dad. We’ll typically get together once a week for a day and a night and we also go on holidays together three or four times a year.DIGITAL CAMERA

“Like many people in London, I live in quite a small flat. It’s on the top floor at one end of my block, so more isolated than most, but I’m pretty sure my closest neighbours will have heard me getting punished on occasion. I don’t worry about it—a boy getting punished by his Dad is the most natural thing in the world and my neighbours may not realise what they’re hearing anyway.

“Or to put it in more adult terms, it’s my life and the fact that it generates an occasional little bit of noise is not too much to ask my neighbours to put up with. For the record, I think a caning makes quite a lot less noise than a Spanking or paddling.

“Some of my neighbours have seen me going out or coming home in full or partial school uniform but they don’t necessarily know I’m an ASB—I’ve had some funny looks but I think most people assume I’m going to a costume party or “school disco” party or club.”

So a lot of readers will know my fellow boy bloggers, a group we call the Cornertime Crew. They had pretty specific questions for G. Here’s what they were wondering about…

Does your Dad reprimand you in public?

Spanked Scolded Now Get Back in the Car

“Sure, Dad reprimands me in public, if he thinks it’s justified. He also smacks me on the seat of my shorts and clouts me round the head. He tries to avoid doing those things if we are with people who don’t know about our relationship, but he sometimes forgets and hits me anyway. We are always Dad and son when we’re together, so e.g., I always have to ask if I can have or do something and not just assume it’s OK.”

The next question I want to ask is cheeky, but it’s meant as a way to get to the deeper meaning behind it: “What does an ASB do? I want to be given a bath and put in a diaper, does an ASB want to be given homework and driven to soccer practice?”

ASB white pants down red bottom high

“Yes, I do want to be made to do my homework and driven to soccer practice! And I love doing things like going to railway museums or air shows or theme parks with my Dad.”

The first question I have would be more ontological in nature since my whole boy world is about love and physically through the lens of the domestic world of a Daddy. That seems borderline antithetical to the kind of bloodless and institutional discipline a schoolboy seems to crave.

“On the ‘ontological’ question (no idea what that means LOL), my own life as an ASB is with my Dad, so I have a similarly loving, domestic context (though with the higher expectations you would place on an older, teenage boy). But the relationship between a schoolmaster and an ASB can also be very warm and caring—I have experienced this myself—and the discipline is not necessarily ‘bloodless and institutional’, it can be well-deserved and fairly administered, with the aim of correcting behaviour (and wiping the slate clean), much the same as Dad’s.”

in the study

I obviously LOVE dressing up as a boy, living as a boy when Daddy’s home, and then being treated as his little boy. I think there are parallels, but perhaps not as much as I originally thought…

“I love my uniforms but I don’t need to be wearing one to be an ASB. As I’ve said, I feel like I’m 14 years old. By definition, therefore, I am a schoolboy, in or out of uniform. So for me, it’s kind of funny that there are these boys who identify as middles or teens who never go to school. It’s been exclusively Dad/son for many years now, though it started out as schoolmaster/schoolboy.”

I think it’s safe to say, is the only thing about ASBs is the desire to dress up for CP/caning? If so, then its more a CP thing. But there may be a broader spectrum, from 6 of the best to pure CP play to relationships like your own. Could you help define that a bit for us?

“From meeting and chatting to other ASBs, I think it’s quite a range of things people are after. Some are primarily into the uniform and will often dress very formally and smartly even when out of uniform. For others, it’s about re-creating their school days or an imaginary, old-fashioned version of their school days—which generally includes CP but is also a lot about giving up control and adult cares and concerns (so not so very different from wanting to be given a bath and put in a diaper, I think).

bent over instruction

“I’ve been active in this community for over 15 years and met some very kind people, some of whom have remained friends in the more conventional sense. My participation has mainly been online and individual meets. I don’t travel anywhere any more, as Dad is also here in London.

Where’s the best place to meet other Skoolboyz?

“Probably the best place to try to make contact with other ASBs and schoolmasters is the SpankThisHookUps website. It’s a broad church there, so you would need to be quite specific in terms of what you say you’re looking for.

 Boys and Sirs 4 (1)
An Afternoon Out with Boyz and Sirs of London

There used to be a great site for us called – wait for it – AdultSchoolBoy, but the guy who ran it found it too much hassle to keep going, so he pulled the plug a while back. That’s when I started posting on Tumblr.”

“And there’s a club that meets weekly in central London called Boyz and Sirs, which is a CP club but seems to cater mainly to ASBs. There’s also ClubCP but I think it is more CP and less ASB-oriented (though they say they ‘welcome guys showing up in school uniform’).”


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