Getting a Grown boy Over Your Knee

getting a grown boy OTK 1.gifSuccessfully getting a groan boy over your knee isn’t as easy as it seems, but even shorter Daddys can do this. In the series of .gifs above, the good folks at StingPictures.TV help us see how it’s done well.

getting a grown boy OTK 2

In this series, you see how one Daddy takes charge and gets his boy’s pants down for a proper barebottomed Spanking.

getting a grown boy OTK 3

As you can see it’s trickier than meets the eye.

getting a grown boy OTK 4

As you go, you may need to leverage the use of your legs while you hold your boy firmly in place for his handSpanking.

getting a grown boy OTK 45

Ultimately, the experience can leave you boy shaken up a bit, so Cornertime Confidential recommends Aftercare. Besides, you wanna make sure your boys return for future visits! A boy who returns is a very good boy to have.

You can find out all about Aftercare in these posts below:


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2 thoughts on “Getting a Grown boy Over Your Knee

  1. Back in the 60’s small town football coaches were little gods—-He paddled bare and I hated the fact no matter waht age or size he paddle guys over his lap–I happened to be much bigger and stronger than he—-but i went over his lap a few times even seior yr and he was much smaller—-Since he was regarded as a little god in our town it was not difficult at all to get me over his knee and paddle my bare butt damn hard— all he had to do was sit down and gesture with his hand to go over his knee and no matter how big or strong you just put your bare butt over his lap PDQ that kind of obedience was very unhealthy and maybe the good old days were not that good


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