From Plain White Briefs to Super ‘Pants!

Basic Editions mighty whites today, nice fit

anyone want to try a pair?

So as many know, Cornertime Confidential believes that making boybriefs out of adult underpants can be super cool. When considering which underpants to use for this purpose…look at the waistband and the white vista you have to work with. In the pic below, you’ll see what I was able to accomplish with the briefs you see modeled above by @luvbriefs.
Here’s what I did to ‘em:
Same briefs but completely re-envisioned for the adult boy! You can too. Find out how by clicking here. OK, well, these pics are of briefs that have been through the wash a lot, but for the first 100 “wears” they are just perfect. Frankly, they’re still kinda perfect! LOL. They’re “broken in!”


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