Another Punishment Spanking by Daddy

‘zanderpants Showing His Support
Thankfully I have the Cornertime Crew to help me out when I’m down about a particularly bad Spanking I got.
They’ve been great—fistbumping you from here ‘zanderpants, brett, and baby j—and really supportive about me being a boy in a Domestic Discipline relationship…
So, ‘zander hold asked us:
To: The Cornertime Crew
Fr: ‘zanderpants
Subject: 5K
“Hi everyone! My computer is having power issues so I have been a bit of the grid last few days.
Is everyone behaving themselves this weekend? Or at least not being tooooo naughty? 😛
Sent from my iPhone”
brett Showing His Support too!
And then I said, 
To: The Cornertime Crew
Fr: jake
Subject: in trouble again?
Actually nope. Daddy and I were out with a friend we hadn’t seen a while and I got in trouble in front of our friend. I started talking inappropriately, and Daddy said, “Stop that.” Then I kept on going on.
I didn’t listen. And Daddy said, “I said, ‘Stop it.” And then I went on again.
Then, Daddy stopped the conversation and said, “OK, you’re done. Different topic. Now.
My friend was so great. He just sat up and noticed I’d been reprimanded in public. The only thing missing was “You’re getting a Spanking when we get home.”
Instead, Daddy has informed me he is coming home from work early today and to be prepared. I think I’m in trouble.
After the bruises healed
So as it turns out the repercussions of just talking without stopping in front of Daddy and our friends is not without consequences. For me, it was very complicated. Here’s what I wrote the boys spelling mistakes and all:
Daddy handSpanked, and then I was squirming too much. It had been nearly a month or so since I’d been Spanked, and so it was frustrating and alarming to feel the sting in my bottom when he handSpanked me. I didn’t respond correctly. I was all over his lap and squirming and fighting to get away.
So he made me do a very unwelcomed Cornertime and then he came in (I didn’t see this, but saw it when he made me come over to him), there were three Spanking sticks: The Hairbrush, The Bathbrush, and the hand paddle (a little one but a mean one from Marshalls). ANyways, he said, “You pick. Which are you going to be punished with?” I refused to pick…I told him I couldn’t. So I didn’t.
That was a difficult choice because my bottom was already really hurting from all the long time I hadn’t been Spanked. So when he said, “OK, well then, bend over The Chair, put your hands on the sides of the seat. And Daddy warmed my fanny with The Hairbrush something awful. I couldn’t remember the last time I got The Hairbrush. He always uses the paddle, so I was not notnot notnot
NOt notnotnot prepared.
I was exhausted after just a little while. ANd after a really disruptive Cornertime where I whimpered and carried on too much, He got the Bathbrush out. I was out of breath and wiped out when I got back in The Corner, feeling like I’d die if he Spanked one more time with that Bathbrush. I was all tapped out. And then I slipped up. He’s been really clear in the past about Cornertime Rules. Nose in The Corner, no looking around, even if he’s watching me. I could feel his eyes burning through me as i stood there. “What are you looking at?” He said, you know you are not to look. You are in Cornertime and supposed to be focused on doing Cornertime right, not on behaving any old way you want. So, get back over here. Then the paddlings…and well…
It wasn’t actually as long as it sounds, but I guess I’m really actually bad at Cornertime with this new nose in The Corner Rule thing. He went and got the cane and switched my behind something rotten. There was some mouthing off in there and well, I’m not really good during Spanking time, so, after another long period in The Corner…
Daddy bent me over the edge of the sofa, and handSpanked me until I was out of breath. I was wrecked. But he sent me back to The Corner for at least 10 minutes of shush. and I had to be shushed until I stopped crying. Then he allowed me to come over to him and apologize for putting him in a situation where he had to Spank me. It was pretty bad.
I’m surprised I can’t remember enough of the details. I’m still a little shocked about it.
I think it’s weird how sometimes a really hard Spanking
You can’t always see the bruising.
Daddy usually take a Behinder Reminder pic to remind me not to misbehave or disobey again, but this time, he took no pics. He told me to pull myself together after I was allowed to hug him and go in the bedroom and get dressed like a big boy, we had to go do grocery shopping. So we went out me with my hands on my really sore bottom as we walked down the street with him telling me, “You are not to rub you butt while we’re out walking. You better behave.”
I’ve had quite a day feeling the tiny splinters from that paddle in my heinie. I also think that mean cane left wood in my rumpus. I’m still scratching and feeling little woody bits.
Do you have any advice for helping me feel better about it? Daddy didn’t make a big deal about it afterwards, and we had a really nice dinner which I made in this cool new thing called an Instapot…do any of you have one of these. Best new gadget out there.
Anyways, I’m just glad I have some other boys who know me to tell this to. If I were at school still I woulda told my friends there, but there is no school anymore and I’m all groan up. I’m miserable going to work all day having to say nothing and just thinking, wow my butt is sore.
sore jake
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