How Daddy/boy time Works for us

Bathtime! Time to Get All of You Clean

Sometimes it’s time for a night with Daddy (we don’t live together), and sometimes Daddy doesn’t want his boy begging for Spankings or like in vanilla relationships, begging for sex. Especially as Daddy heads into his 40s, he doesn’t wanna deal with a sense that he has to “be ready” for sex.

So Spanking creating a new diversion for us for a time. It helped take the heat off the whole sexual readiness thing for him. And so it was that after a lot of CP, I broached the top of Daddy/boy time that wasn’t Dom/sub sex and wasn’t a CP experience.

Instead, we created Daddy/boy time, a time for us to have a third option when we’re together that keeps us together as more than just friends. Here’s my email to Daddy the other day:

Dressed for bed by Daddy
Do you think we could have Daddy/boy time tomorrow night: TV, bathtime, toothbrush time, tucking into bed, changing me for bed, etc.? I’d love to get back to doing that once a week or so, if that’s OK with you. 
Doesn’t have to be the whole shooting match, but if you came over and you initiated that series of things we might do, that’d be great. Since it doesn’t require Spanking or paddling, it could be easier for you to add into our schedule of things we do together. 
Think about it. I’d like us to be thinking about diving in a little deeper like we were before April. Lemme know if you can orchestrate more of this on Daddy/boy night this week.
I love you.

your jake

So, Daddy came over after work, and he was able to be Daddy for the night, since he cannot be my Daddy 24/7.

Here’s how this works:

Check In
Ahead of time, after a long day of work, sometimes it’s not convenient to have Daddy/boy night. You’ll want to check in before you leave work to make sure a Daddy/boy night is possible

Dressed as a boy and
Ready for an Outing With Daddy

In our experience, it’s best when I’ve been working from home, so he can just come in after work (he has the keys, so he just comes in and such). But you can of course do this when you too are at the office, but you have waaaaaay more time to get in the boy headspace, so you

Dress Up for the Occassion

Dressed and Ready For Daddy

I think this can come in two flavours. One, you can just be dressed up as the boy you are (I age out around 8-12 years old, so I’ll dress myself because I can at this age!). Alternatively, you can wait until Daddy gets home to change you into your boy clothes (which I would think would be really good for all the “littles” out there who feel under 7 years of age.

Since I have clearly demarcated Spanking Pants, we avoid Spankings or Corporal Punishment (unless something comes up on Daddy/boy night that was NOT planned), we have me dressed up in boy clothes, shorts, cap, briefs, sneaks, socks, etc., that are not CP-related. Superheros, cartoons, graphic images, loud colours, etc. It’s funtime, so dress up for it!

If I am coming in from work, Daddy will unbuckle my big boy pants and change me or put me in the bath or shower. (See “bathtime/shower time” below)

Set aside activities that work for you as a couple (or if you live in a polyamorous or multi-partner arrangement, do activities that work for both of you. Some boys love to colour; some love to play video games with Daddy. Some want Daddy to take them out for dinner or a movie or a run or something else super kewl. But some boys want to do things that are more specific.

Daddy/boy Activity Time!
Gaming in Your Underpants

When I was visiting Daddy John and his boy johnny, I remember Daddy taking my temp before we watched NBA March Madness games. So Daddy took me in the other room while johnny watched T.V., Daddy lowered my briefs and pushed Vaseline into my bottom, then stuck in the thermometer. Well, these activities were fine as far as johnny was concerned, but suddenly, his adult side kicked in. When Daddy returned me to the living room, I was told to sit on the couch. Well johnny yelped: “HELL NO! He is not sitting on our sofa with his sticky, gooey butt. He needs to have his bottom washed out!”  I thought, well I’m in my briefs, sheeeeesh! But whatever the case may be, we washed my bottom out, and then put me into fresh, dry, clean underpants, so I could watch the game without making johnny crazy!!!!

So, select your activities carefully. 🙂  Clean fannys are best…no one complains about a clean boy’s bottom.

We always include a meal, because it can be a great time for good behaviour discussions and proving to Daddy your age. It also can provide fodder for future discussion, if your behaviour deteriorates at the table.

You can explore permission: some boys have to ask permission to get up from the table. Some boys are instructed to slow down and eat like a big boy, not a sloppy child. And more. Use the opportunity to explore your relationship.

Bathtime/Shower time
Daddy first had to think about this. Then once we tried it, Daddy decided he loved it. I’m to sit fairly passively in the water or stand up or bend over as I’m instructed while he cleans all of me. It’s super fun and make me feel just right. I think you’d be surprised how right it’ll make you feel.

For the Daddys reading out here, Daddy enjoys this, because he’s able to be completely in charge of my butthole, my penis, my testicle, and everything in between. So this can get pretty specific, but it’s really really good for us.

Dressing for bed
After a bath, I’ll be dried off by Daddy. He’ll rub my private parts dry, Make sure my body is just the way he wants it, then slips me into new underpants and t-shirt and socks. Sometimes we’ll watch some T.V. before he puts me to bed, but often if it’s 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., he’ll order me to go brush my teeth and then he’ll get the bed ready for me to jump into.

Obviously, for those who are really into the pajama scene, this is the time to put your boys into pjs. This can be the best time to warm your boy’s fanny to get them ready for sleep, if any incidents cropped up during your Daddy/boy night. Otherwise, it’s just a nice time to get cozy together. My Daddy stays clothed and then will sometimes just sit me on his knee (he’s significantly bigger than me) in my briefs and talk about bedtime or tomorrow and what I’ll be up to.

Time for Bed

Once in my bedtime clothes, he’ll usually send me to go brush my teeth real good. He’ll sometimes pull out a book, but more often than night it’s too late, and he kisses me goodnight, tucks the bed in tightly, and warns me he’s turning out the light. Then he’ll slowly go through the house, and leave, locking the door and setting the alarm. I’m his boy; he keeps me safe and loved.

rocketship hoodie footie

Next time we get together, we may just be two adults again. We might go do something adult like have drinks somewhere or do some oth


er very adult thing. Or he may paddle my fanny for acting up an


d put me in Cornertime until I obey him properly. Or we may very well end up in a sexual connection that is completely different from all of these things.


Whatever the form, our Daddy/boy relationship provides the framework in which we grow and thrive. For us, this arrangement makes us more devoted to each other and helps us bond in multiple different ways that our vanilla relationship did not.


And that’s perhaps the most important thing about having a relationship-centered, Spanking-oriented, Daddy/boy relationship: we’re more bonded and more sure of each other that we ever were when we were vanilla.

One thought on “How Daddy/boy time Works for us

  1. This a little off topic but kind of on topic—I recently told a friend that my dad and I always showered together every night and washed each others back–He was shocked and disapproving I explained we both worked hard on the farm with livestock for hours—before we went inside for supper we were dirty and smelled of livestock We had a crude shower with one spigot so we both showered under it together and washed each other’s backs as its one spot a guy can’t reach—–there was nothing sexual about it We were tired and dirty and were anxious to go in for supper we did it from about 8 to 22—My friend still disaproved I never gave it a thought any comments on my friend’s attitude or my experience?


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