Domestic Discipline in Public

switched in the snowDomestic Discipline Celebration week begins today. This week we’ll bring you 4 different stories about how Domestic Discipline plays out in real life in real relationships.

I was in a situation was back earlier this year when Daddy had come ’round to administer a Spanking for running ahead of him while we were out walking in the city. I crossed into traffic to get to the meridian, leaving him standing on the other side, waiting for traffic to pass. Apparently I did that twice. But while we came to Spank for that, I was really unwilling to get a Spanking, and what started as a simple moment of correction, turned out to irritate Daddy and he used it as an opportunity to severely punish for disobedience during Spanking Time.

My buddy TheKinkyGrad from Georgia asked:
My question from your ordeal though is: why? Given your very boyish nature and CP focus, why do you think you fought Daddy during your Spankings so much and so often? I know y’all talked through a lot (I’m sure more than you described too) but it sounded a bit like about the mechanics of discipline and to incentivize cooperation rather than why you were pushing back.

That’s something you might want to think on to prevent further sore bottoms (especially since this one may still be sore by the next spanking!!!)”

In answer to your question/thoughts, here’s my take on this:

Spanked Scolded Now Get Back in the Car

Generally, in spite of my boy lifestyle, I’m still very much a “middle,” not a “little” and definitely not a “teen.” So, I fight Daddy or anyone who is Spanking me. We really haven’t worked out the mechanics of discipline time, and it’s pretty hard to incentivize cooperation with me when I get into my headspace. I may have mentioned to you (and I have talked a bit about this in the blog) that Daddy has me change into Spanking Pants and be fully “jake” when it’s time for a Spanking. I am not allowed to be dressed as a groan up. If i am, and I’m not dressed appropriately it’s not signalling to him that I’m in the right headspace.

At any rate, once in that headspace, I get very 8-11 years old, depending on the day the age changes. Daddy has had to deal with a boy old enough to know better, but ultimately not a teenager who is willing to stand there and take the belt. I have inadvertently had my knuckles paddled when I get my hands in the way, I’ve squirmed right off Daddy’s lap, and Daddy has often had to more or less lock my legs in place with his big strong leg, so he can upturn my bottom and apply The Hairbrush.

But cooperating during all that? RARELY. I think BECAUSE of my boyish nature, I’m unwilling, mouthy, and disciplined for it in the moment. It’s a persistent problem. I think I may have already written to you about that about what happened Feb 2, 3, 4…

Today, Daddy and I are heading out with friends, and I could tell last night when we got together for dinner with a few of them as we planned an outing for today (Sunday), Daddy warned me in front of them about me behaving. it was pretty serious, actually. He wanted me to act like a groan up, not the boy I am most o fthe time. I was being very rowdy at dinner last night, so I “got the look,” and was called out in front of all my friends. It was interesting for me, and I’m sure it was complicated for them. They must have been wondering…




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