A Look Back at A Spanked boy’s Life

Today’s post is a repost from 2013. A Spanked Boy has a wonderful blog on Tumblr and was interviewed years ago (back when he was only 23) and was in a DD relationship with his Dom.

spanked with the wooden spoon

He’s a free spirit now living in Durham, N.C., let’s check in with him on where he was when he was living here in D.C. and hoping to find a long term solution to his discipline needs.

A Spanked boy and his Tumblr

Tumblr has become a haven over the past year or so for spanking comments, pics, video, and exploration. I stumbld upon “A Spanked boy” today from the same area of the U.S. that I’m from, but he’s a 20 year old version of myself. He’s in those first phases of trying to get used to a relationship. Things aren’t perfect for him and “Sir.” But their Tumblr has a few great pieces of blog information that give you a sense of how he and “Sir” are constructing their discipline and punishment time together and hoping to make a go of it.

“The (Spanked) boy” also includes the non-disciplinary times together which does fill in some of the gaps for those who aren’t in Domestic DisciplinE (DD) relationships.  How do DD partners function outside of the discipline? ASpankedboy Tumblr gives plenty of clues.  

I was drawn into “ASpankedboy”‘s description of role play in his life. So organic, and yet “I’m not really into ageplay” are the first words that spill from his Tumblr! I think the underlying information here is so great and detailed without saying much at all:

Cartoon Dad Son Spanking Ordeal

“It’s weird: I’m not really into ageplay. I certainly don’t do ab/dl. I don’t call Sir “Daddy” (although the thought has occurred to me). I was never spanked while growing up.

“But, somehow, most of my fantasies still revolve around being made to feel like a very badly-behaved eight-year-old boy…”

The more I read in his Tumblr, the more I realized how very very similar our interests are, but also how lucky he is to be able to explore a Domestic Discipline (DD) relationship at such a young age. For me, it just wasn’t easy to find any DD relationships outside of the leather community in my 20s (I’m not into leather, so unfortunately, and I never found a relationship like this at that age to explore.  And except for the Men Who Spanked me that I would visit at their homes every once in a while, there were no DD relationships that I could make happen.  Frustrating, on reflection). Nowadays, young guys like “ASpankedboy” and another one I’ll interview soon called SlappedBoy can start off looking for a full time DD relationship from the get go.  

Spanking my bottom with the ruler and consoling me afterwards

So for this week’s blog, I’ll start you out with Sir and A Spankedboy’s relationship’s ground rules as laid down by the “Sir” in the relationship. The Tumblr post from February 1, 2013, from “Sir” lays it out:

“Since this is my premiere post, I thought I should relay a few things about myself and where I see the current discipline relationship as it stands today.  To protect anonymity, I’m going to refer to my—let’s call him my—mentee as “the boy”.

“I’m a 27-year-old young professional in DC who believes that discipline for a young man is critically important to keep him on track. That means strict rules enforced by strict discipline.

“The boy and I have come up with very specific rules governing his behavior—and he knows the consequences for failing to live up to our agreement: bare bottom, over the knee spankings.

“The boy’s rules are strict and fairly comprehensive:

  1. He has 10pm curfew and 11pm lights out on weekdays—and 11pm curfew and 12:30pm lights out on weekends.
  2. He is not allowed to be late to work.
  3. He must eat three nutritious meals a day.
  4. He is limited to one hour of video games a day.
  5. He is required to get in 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  6. He is allowed to look at adult web sites and masturbate once during one 30 minute window every day (the hours spent on adult web sites was way too much and was getting in the way of his actual work).
  7. Finally, he is required to treat me with respect at all times. Attitude, back talk or other forms of disrespect are absolutely not allowed.

“On the whole, he’s a very impressive little boy. He’s cerebral, intelligent, well-spoken, humorous, driven, and highly pleasant company. He’s also a smart ass, disrespectful, and prone to procrastination.

“In the past month, he’s earned four separate spankings for bad behavior. Mostly, this has been a result of disrespect and attitude. I’d say that has been the biggest adjustment for him: showing appropriate respect for an authority figure. However, we are working on it.

 When I say lights out I mean lights out
We’ll Return to This Image for
Pajama Spanking Appreciate Week

“So far, he has responded fairly well to the spankings. In fact, there has normally been a surge of **better** behavior when he first has a sore bottom. We’ll see if that holds. Although, he has said that the change in sleeping and eating patterns has benefited him. I hope to continue in that vein.

“This is potentially one of my favorite pictures (see photo on the right). Once I get my new apartment with the spare bedroom, the boy is going to learn what it’s like to have bedtime spankings followed by early lights out.  There’s no misbehavior deterent quite like a boy sleeping on his stomach thanks to his freshly sore, red bottom. — Sir”

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