My DD Relationship With Daddy

 6 hours later
6 Hours Later

What a difference a year in a Domestic Discipline relationship make. Well, Daddy moved in in April. We’ve been through so much. And in the process of filtering through the three different computers I’ve had to work on during all the moving and transitions, some blog posts got lost. This online discussion is one of them.
bobby is a boy who messages back and forth with Cornertime Confidential (CC) every once in a while, and this conversation helped bring up a bunch of interesting elements in DD relationships that seemed well worth sharing.

Suddenly Spanked Last Summer

bobby: Hi Jake, Love the blog! Hope all is good. Not a problem! I hope you’re keeping out of trouble’
CC:  Thanks so much. I’m glad you like the blog. What do you like the most about it? Oh, and I have NOT been keeping out of trouble, but my housing situation has made it difficult for Daddy to keep things in check.

bobby: Hmmm…what do I like most about the blog? I guess your experiences for one, the different takes on the whole CP and DD relationships. I like to hear different perspectives and approaches of Sirs on their boys.
Yeah I read about that housing situation for you. Still not sorted?

 Badboy club
a good paddling is in store

CC:  Sooooo…I’m a little overdue for a bad paddling. Daddy has been talking about it for a while, but he hasn’t been able to deal with things the way he likes.

bobby: I imagine not. But that means a good paddling is in store.
CC:  Oh, I’m much more sorted with the housing now and can actually be online and be working on the blog this morning!!! YAY!

bobby: Good to hear! Next stop a very prolonged and sore paddling I imagine
CC:  Wellllll, the Spanking Sticks (canes) and such were taken out of storage this week, so we’ll see.

bobby: Ouch! The cane is equally effective, but oddly as a Brit I reckon the paddle is better!
CC:  Daddy is really precise when he gets out those Sticks, so I think he is making plans for jake.

bobby: Eeek. Maybe try the whole farm gate approach
CC: I’m glad to hear the DD stuff resonates with you. I was talking with some other readers, and they weren’t into that at all. Hmmm…”whole farm gate approach”? Didn’t understand.

bobby: Straight lines and finish with the diagonal
CC:  OH…I get it now. The caning “technique”—multiple straight stripes across a boy’s bottom, then finish with diagonal?

bobby: : ) yup.  Not sure how true it is, but alledgely an approach way back when with the cane. I “get” the DD stuff, not sure my lifestyle would allow it but a dream of

it none the less.
CC:  I’m glad the experiences me and Daddy are having building this relationship is of interest. When I went on this mission to find my Daddy, I would never have guessed that writing it down would be so useful for me personally and some of the readers more generally.
summerson:  I think it has been. Useful for the insight, the limitations, the highs, the lows.
CC:  Tell me what you mean by your lifestyle. I felt the same. I’m a urban, city dweller and my living arrangements mean that the neighbors are in for a noisey, strange experience if Daddy decides it’s time to warm my bottom.

bobby: I’m not into to the whole AB/DL thing, but I found lil’ chris’s blog entry interesting. The bucket and all that.
I guess more friends and family. Living in with a guy who was older—they might not understand. I go for meet-ups for CP, mainly through SpankThisHookups but couldn’t manage living DD.

CC:  The bucket was interesting, right?

I agree. I think there’s something there for boys and their Daddys, but it wouldn’t need to be AB/DL. I’m not really into that. I have tried to play with that, but ultimately, I’m really a naughty 8 to 12-year-old boy, not an AB/DL.’

bobby:I get that, same. The bucket was more interesting as handing over control but in a different way. Hopefully this relationship will work for you both. Though I think you might get a few more Spankings than you want!

 Best waistband in the world
 …the importance of appropriate boy wear
during Daddy/boy time…

CC:  Hahaha…yes, you are more than probably right! BTW,  let me know what I’m not covering in the blog that I should. I just got a msg from a guy who wants me to cover the importance of appropriate boy wear during Daddy/boy time.

bobby:  I think that is appropriate too. But part of me thinks it is for the Daddy to dictate.
CC:  Oh yes, that’s what he was saying too.

bobby: Agree the parameters and then Daddy is in total control Great minds! 🙂
CC:  Yes. And ultimately, once a boy accepts the authority of his Daddy, this is waaaaaay easier to live by the decisions that Daddy is making. I know it took Daddy and me a LONG time to get there.

bobby: I am getting there slightly with a guy I see infrequently. Letting him have total say.
CC:  We had some really hard times after some just awful Spankings and punishments where I was resenting Daddy, Daddy sat me down and talked me through some simple facts. If I didn’t release him to take charge during the Spankings, then there wouldn’t be a Daddy/boy relationship. Now that we’re there, though we do drift back when times are hard (like they’ve been this year); however, overall, if I agree in my head to his authority. And in the end, frankly, it’s a lot more exciting, rewarding, and ultimately what we want in our relationship.

bobby: “Awful” as in badly administered or “awful” as in you got the punishment you deserved? Sounds a very balanced and thought through approach

 Get Daddy The Plimsoul.jpg
Going to Get the Plimsoul, Even Though You Don’t Want To.

CC:  Awful as in I was resenting where he was going during punishment. He’s a former marine, so he was using military discipline hazing techniques that I didn’t think we’d agreed to.

bobby: I see, not quite the approach I would expect either. What type of hazing techniques?

CC:  But over time, I accepted that I had to trust him during punishment not to go too far. We discussed that Daddy/boy meant less military, more humiliation or shaming and scolding. Then he found the right rhythm for us.

bobby: I think humiliation and shaming are important. Puts a boy in his place. Followed by a sore bottom.

CC:  I agree about sore bottoms and humiliation. It’s a weird thing that if you don’t mix that into the equation correctly, it can be just a bottom beating, which can end in 5 minutes. If you do not have the other elements, the whole experience can ring a bit hollow, end abruptly, and be ultimately unsatisfying for both/all.

 Cornertime 7
Daddy uses a lot of Cornertime.

bobby: Can I ask what type of things does your Daddy mostly uses in terms of humiliation and shaming?

CC:  Oh, Daddy uses a lot of Cornertime. He used to make me go get him The Hairbrush or the paddle, but then I’d get out of the right headspace and that would throw things off. Now, I have to stand in The Corner until he decides to go get The Spanking Stick(s) and then he returns into the room. Usually, he will make me leave The Corner on my own and then he will administer my bottom blistering with whatever he’s come back into the Punishment Room with. If I refuse to come, he’ll grab me by the waistband usually and haul my shorts down and paddle bare bottomed for not obeying.

He will often make me stand there and make me look him in the eyes until I stop crying, and if I don’t, he walks over to me in The Corner, and he paddles over and over again until I do stop crying. That’s actually hard to do.

He actually hates the sound of my crying, but he really is my Daddy now, so the crying is now a part of our relationship in a way that it never was before he was Daddy. So when he scolds me for making a scene, or being a loud brat, or breaking The House Rules, he has taken to doing this with the Spanking Stick in his hand. And he looks me square in the eye, which makes it really intimidating.

 crying 2
He actually hates the sound of my crying.

He has made me kneel on the wood floor and the threshold between rooms, which really hurts and is more of that military-style stuff that is a sign that Daddy is switching from disciplining for behaviour to punishing for angering him. I know when the military things start, I need to do precisely as I’m instructed because Daddy/boy time is over and now we’re off to a different place. It all depends on how the Spanking goes, how my behaviour is during CP time, and what I’ve done to get myself in that hot water.

If the Spanking gets out of hand, because I squirm too much, make too much noise, disobey during Spanking time, openly defy him when he Spanks (“I don’t think this Spanking is fair.” etc.), then he has tried out a variety of other punishments:

  • Made me write lines
  • Made me apologize
  • Plugged my bottom with a ginger root stopper or other plug.
  • Then he will put me to bed and leave, and require that the stopper stay in until he calls me once he gets home. He’ll call after he drives home (about 20 minutes) and then tells me to pop the stopper out. It’s awfully humiliating and weird.
 figging plug
Plugging my bottom with a ginger root stopper…

bobby: Ouch! Especially being Spanked standing up there in The Corner. I find being bare embarrassing along with displaying a well punished bottom. “Spanking Stick” sounds more intimidating than cane.

CC:  The Cane is just a bit British for us. He’s an American marine, so it’s weird and not connected to the American experience.

 Caning before a trip to the leather garage Perceptive Dominance Houston Texas
“Switch” Doesn’t Always Mean “Versatile”
Not in our Relationship, anywa

bobby: Wow! A stopper. Nice. But the point is for things you don’t like for it to be a proper punishment! Spanking Stick still does the trick! I hope he aims low on the sit spot!
CC:  If you go online you’ll see American boys with sticks they were Spanked with that actually say on them, “Spanking Stick” I just saw a 15-year-old or so on Youtube with the Spanking Stick his mom used on his bottom. He was in a playground talking about it.

bobby:  Does he use the stick OTK or is it a bit to big so you’re stood up? Is that not more of thin paddle? Like a ruler? Or like a school cane?

CC:  Funny, I was really worried about Daddy using The Cane, figuring not an American thing, he will not understand it. But he has a precision and knows exactly how to level it and directly strike the sitspot.

bobby: Ouch! But good he has the accuracy. Many just whack and don’t think where. Needs to be in a tight pattern. Does he leave welts?

CC:  These are authentic British canes. Gifts from our friends Grey and Miles from Canada. They also gave us a nursery cane which Daddy has used. But he has a (broken) paddle that he prefers when he pulls me over his knee. That’s been out of commission since we made a few new purchases which I’ve shown on the blog.

bobby: Nice, glad Canada is keeping the commonwealth traditions!

CC:  Grey found his Sir, Miles, a Canadian Coast Guard guy. He’s now working for the Canadian fed govt. Miles is a big muckety muck there now.

bobby: Another military type guy! Must be a correlation.

CC:  Yes, I have been given caning welts by Daddy, and my bottom responds by radiating red under my white pants. It’s such a site that Daddy will make me pull on shorts, so he doesn’t have to see my red botty. But I usually end up rubbing my bottom for the rest of the day, so he can’t get away from the Spankings he administers! LOL

 Cornertime 9
Not Allowed to Rub

bobby: What! Allowed to rub! 🙂

CC:  I don’t know about “allowed” to rub, but after Daddy has finished paddling or whipping my behind, he usually tells me to pull myself together and come out of the Spanking Room or bedroom or wherever I’ve been disciplined, when I’m prepared to calm down. I am required to “come out of my jake space.” And behave like an adult. But you can’t pretend you don’t have a really sore bot.

bobby: Indeed! He must properly punish you to get you into that state.

CC:  Daddy is home. I gotta go. I hope you’ll keep in touch!

bobby: Yeah me too! I hope things go well for you and hope to read on your blog your next paddling! I hope it is a long and painful one!

 Daddy Carries boy
Daddy is home. I gotta go. 


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