DD in Action: SirDomsubmale and his boy

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Suit and tie Paddling

Many of you have written about and seen the posts of videos and pics on Cornertime Confidential from the SirDomsubmale Tumblr blog. Today, after an entire week of Domestic Discipline blogposts, we thought a real life example might be of interest to our readers. These two have a very different relationship than many, because it involves a Contract, like a Master and slave might have. But instead of being about slavery—it’s about boyhood and service to his Dad. 

I’ll let them explain:

Domestic Discipline In Action

by Richard and his boycarl

Sir never does anything to publicize my Spankings to the neighbors or others not in the lifestyle. But on the other hand, he does not do things to ensure nobody outside of our house cannot hear—or see if they are so inclined to try and see through our windows. Sir does not open the curtains, but when it’s dark outside and light inside, it might be possible to see. I have complained about it, but Sir tells me that if I don’t want the neighbors to know I’m a naughty boy getting his bare bottom Spanked, then I should be a good boy and not earn a Spanking. I have no idea if any neighbors have ever heard or seen. I’m not sure how they would bring that up. If they did, I know Sir hopes they enjoyed it and took some sort of sinister joy in my predicament. But bottom line is Sir does not do anything to push it out there for those not in the lifestyle to see.

We have a back door with no window covering at all—and Sir has spanked me there and he says he hopes somebody outside sees. He does that to embarrass me. I don’t think anyone has seen from there because it would take an effort as they would have to manage to see through the back yard and through the door. The neighbor next door would have to be in just the right place in their yard and really focus to see. But it’s definitely possible. It’s humiliating to be exposed like that whether anyone sees or not. Sir says that’s part of the punishment. 

Spanking Tools

The tawse is the worst of all implements. Its looks are deceiving. It hurts worse than anything. I guess you have never been acquainted with a tawse. They hail from Scotland, and I feel for all the Scottish boys who got it back in the day. It hurts like no other. You should do some research and learn about it. I don’t know why it hurts the worst—but it does. 

The Tawse in Action

NonSpanking Punishments

Yes, Sir liberally uses additional punishments when I have been really naughty. Corner time is the least of them, but I get put there and stand for a long time. Sometimes I’m spanked severely and put straight to bed in the afternoon around 3 p.m. not to get up til Sir wakes me the next morning and spanks me again. Sometimes I get a very early bedtime—as early as 5:30. It’s humiliating to be in bed while it’s daylight outside. 

I have to write sentences. Sometimes Sir will give me assignments like writing a story or doing research on some issue that is pertinent to Sir. One time I had to research and recommend the best bath brush. Another time I had to write an essay on why I should be a good boy. I can also be given a very early curfew and be forbidden to go anywhere but straight to work and straight home.

Sir will take away my privileges too—television, Internet, books, magazines, news and newspaper, sweets, chocolate, caffeine, sugar—and alcohol is the first to go every time. 

My daily life is one of strict structure and control. It would not appeal to a lot people, even other male subs. I’m not sure it always appeals to me, but I know Sir knows best, and I know I need whatever He says I need. But my bedtime is 8:30 every night, and my curfew is always 7:30. I can stay out and up late for work but rarely anything else. That being said, if I’ve been good, sometimes Sir will let me stay up to watch TV or something like that. But it is the exception. Most every night I am in bed with lights out at 8:30.


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