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“…it is more effective and humiliating if they are taken down 
in the juvenile, over-the-knee position”

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To provide a sense of just how valuable this site is, I am reblogging a 2012 post about their great site followers.

I love—in spite of the fact that I’d have preferred that they called it, but that’s just my “thing.” (!) 

Today, thanks to Clyer (one of the handles of a great follower on, I found a link to a really spectacular June 3rd post that you all need to know about:


Guide to the Correction of adult boys*


by Clyer

“This is Part One Only—More To Come!”



There are many styles of relationship in the male-to-male Spanking venue,
such as:

  • Teacher and pupil, 
  • Uncle and enphew or indeed, just,
  • Friends Spanking one
    another for fun. 

“…he will be very embarrassed when he feels 
your fingers peeling down his underpants.”

It is also extremely important to note that male-to-male Spanking is not exclusive to same gender partners and indeed many straight or bi-sexual men enjoy spanking with other men without the need for sexual gratification. Some men may perhaps be married or in a long term committed relationship with a member of the opposite sex, and in the majority of cases
this is not an issue whether they wish to be Spanked by or want to Spank other men.

This particular piece of writing is concerned with what many see as one
of the most gratifying experience in the male Spanking scene, being domestic
discipline and specifically in the Dad/boy role. The reason I use Daddy/boy as
opposed to Daddy/son (While being both is entirely possible) is to emphasize the
fact that most men whom desire the role of spankee in this relationship are
indeed boys. A boy in this sense is any spankee, regardless of age height or
any other physical attributes that knows he needs discipline from a firm handed
man and in this case one who can act as a father figure, in essence his Daddy.
These boys are not ill, and nor is there anything wrong with them, put simply
they desire discipline not simply as punishment, but because they recognize a
need in themselves and they know discipline is good for them. In some cases
immaturity plays a part here, again perfectly understandable and Dads knows how
to both nurture and deal with immature boys when they are naughty.

It is true that all boys are naughty, at some point they will break one
of Daddy’s rules, disobey him, or get up to other mischief he knows is wrong, and of
course, Daddy must “take his boy in hand” and administer effective punishment.
Corporal Punishment (which includes Spanking) is by far the most practiced form
of discipline and yet before we even discuss physical chastisement there are
matters of equal importance that go hand in hand when it comes to tending to
his bottom. Corporal Punishment is very suited to boy’s bottoms.


What does it matter what he wears for Spankings?

It matters a great deal, both from a preparation and emotional
perspective. A boy permitted to wear his standard slacks or even his jeans for
punishment will feel quite grown up, and of course, Daddy has all those buttons or
zips to deal with, before removing the belt that holds them up and then finally
lowering them.

If possible it is best to keep the boy in shorts, these can be of the
popular casual variety, there is no need for anything special such as ‘school
shorts’ unless Daddy has something specific in mind. Regardless of taste the
shorts must be elasticated no buttons or zip as if you have a boy over your lap
they are easy to take down in that position without fumbling around at zips or
Some Daddys prefer to take down the boy’s shorts before Spanking him,
again nothing wrong with that, but it is more effective and humiliating if they
are taken down in the juvenile, over-the-knee position.

If Daddy allows the boy to wear long pants or jeans, another solution is to have him change into specific clothing before his Spankings, this may be shorts and a tee or perhaps a sleeper suit (with rear flap) or maybe something as simple as sweat pants, (or pajamas) it is of course Daddy’s choice.

“Alright, junior, get to your room, and change into your Spanking kit.”

These words or similar are sure to get his attention as well as creatinga flushed face.

“Alright, junior, get to your room, and change into your Spanking kit.”
At this point the naughty boy has changed and is ready to be Spanked.


At this point the naughty boy has changed and is ready to be Spanked. Well, wishful thinking, Son! Take your time. There is no hurry, a Spanking should be remembered—and not just from the pain in his bottom—but emotionally, too.” 

If you intend on taking his shorts down while he is over your lap, give him some immediate thinking time, lead him to The Corner (or wall will suffice) either by his ear or arm and stand him there. 

Before you leave, give him some hard stinging swats.

On the other hand if his shorts are coming down before he goes over your
knees, then again take him to The Corner, but first of all take his shorts
down, in this way he will feel very juvenile being led to The Corner with his
shorts at his knees or ankles. 

Administer swats. 

The advantage here is that
when you call him to you, he must come to you in the same humiliating way.

It is also recommended that a good sturdy chair, preferably armless and
straight backed be at hand for his Spankings or a stool. Not only does it
provide comfort to Daddy and stability for junior, but it can be interesting
watching the boy place it where you decide (especially, if his shorts are down

If you are taking the naughty boys shorts or underpants down over your
lap, then it’s time to begin his Spanking, if his bottom is to be bare from the start, then it’s time to strip those undies down.

Now, again, take your time; he will be very embarrassed when he feels your
fingers peeling down his underpants. Take them down to just below his knees,
and have a good look at him. 

You should see a naughty boy standing in front of
you with shorts at his ankles and ‘pants around his knees. 




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