2017: A Year in Spankings

After a year’s worth of blogposts, Cornertime Confidential is pleased to bring you its IMHO list of the best Daddy/boy pics of the year. This is always tricky, because so many “studios” push out professional photography, so we’ll make a few distinctions here:

  1. What you see here may be wrong by date. It’s hard to tell what year precisely these were shot in.
  2. You may know info about the images, please tell the readers here, especially if you are the photographer, the boy or the Daddy, and then of course, any other background info you may know!
  3. If you think Cornertime Confidential really really missed a great image, comment below with a URL to the image. We like to keep up!
  4. Lastly, I’ll distinguish as best I can between professional and amateur.
I started by asking The Cornertime Crew for their best images, but only brett had kept a good treasure trove of them. Looks like Feel The Sting wins on the professional images front for brett. And his amateur Cornertime pic was just great, so I’m thrilled to share with you his image here:

2017 Amateur GIF of the Year

Our 2017 Amateur image—this is a .gif—of the year comes form the Sir/Dom submale duo from the states. They have a myriad of images that make it really quite hard to choose. However, I’m posting this one because of boy’s attempt to reach around and avoid his paddling and the paddle itself which seems to belong in every Domestic Discipline-oriented home!
Congrats to boy and Sir/Dom here. I tried to bring you a full interview with them to you, but they prefer to remain private. Tumblr however provides you a deep look into their relationship. Find out much much more by touring their blogs:
Their work has been recognized in other blogposts over the years, including one of the best about Behinder Reminders during National Paddling Week last July.
boy Paddled Soundly by Sir/Dom

fruitless attempt to protect his rumpus with his hand!

2017 Amateur Image of the Year



2017 Professional Image of the Year

I have to say the best one that came back into circulation (probably shot this image back in 2012 or even earlier, however, it still wins the 2017 best pic contest):


photo coutesy of, I think, StaightLadsSpanked.com

I think Dr. VanSpanking said it best when he said:

“This is what I call the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ position—the boy is over the knee, but well and truly bent over at the same time. Actually not such an easy position to maintain when you’re giving a lad a Spanking, but well worth the effort for the length of time you might be able to keep it up (no pun intended)!”

Best Tumblr post for 2017

This year’s best post comes from @Hinternvoll, who wrote:

“Pure desperation… like a castaway you´re swimming for dear life, just to realize sooner or later that  this endless ocean you are swimming in is an ocean of smacks. A storming ocean full of smacks.

The runners-up this year were many, far too many to list here. However, I’m hoping by the time this posts, I’ll have a socialshare tool you can share with your followers that highlights ’em all.”

Runner-up #1

source of image: unknown 

Winning Elements include the momentum captured in the image

the bunching of his ‘pants, the kicking

Runner-up #2

source: Feel The StingWinning Elements include Sting’s expertise in posing shots!

Runner-up #3

source of image: unknown
Winning Elements include incredible briefs, position, and red seat

Runner-up #4

source of image: unknown
Winning Elements include Daddy’s POV, briefs positioning, shirt flip

Runner-up #5

source of image: unknown
Winning Elements include sense of momentum, spanked in the moment, no time to unbutton his boy’s pants

Runner-up #6

source of image: unknown
Winning Elements include position of the Spanking and getting his boy’s arm out of the way

Runner-up #7

source of image: unknown
Winning Elements include Hairbrush position and effect, outside location suggesting the Spanking had to talk place immediately, and could not wait to get his boy inside.

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