On Being a “Middle” in a World of “Littles” and “Teens”

Stuck in the Middle Without You

by G,  junior, and jake 

(with a special resources section with the help of G and MiddleMatthew
gear recommendations by middlematthew
In our world, we see a ton of guys who, on the one hand, are “just into” Spanking or BDSM and, on the other, are into being a “little” or ABDL. But we don’t read much about the rest of us in the big broad “middle” between toddling and adulthood.

Age and adult boys is a tricky thing. Soooooo few are willing to talk about it. I like to think we’re the silent majority—OK, in jake’s case, not so silent. And if the number of readers daily here at Cornertime Confidential is any indication (about 2,000 daily), then we really are a pretty broad community of boys and Daddys Who Spank.

Thanks to Tumblr, we have a couple of boys to introduce you to today who are also “middles:”
·         our London Skewlboy “G” the author of @SkoolShortz, who lives as a 14-year-old; and
·         our Los Angeles pal “junior,” author of @EverSoControlled who lives as a 7- to 10- year old.
 junior from @EverSoControlled
It all started a couple of months back, G posted the following appeal, which got me thinking about this whole question:
“I know there are a lot of littles out there, and I do sometimes get treated like a baby or toddler myself. But I basically feel like a teenager, somewhere between the senior end of prep school and the junior end of public school… I wonder how many ‘inbetweeners’ like me there are out there… Please re-blog if that’s how you see yourself.”

It struck me how the “age” of an adult boy varies a lot. I don’t see lots of boys who admit it though. Most just are into the scene and don’t identify themselves openly. I think that’s not as helpful as if you are clearer like 
@skoolshortz is in his statement above about living as an “Inbetweener”!
I call myself a “middle,” because I live as something of an 8- to 12-year-old. I wear matching briefs and t’s, and I have lots of adult boy underpants, socks, and caps with superheroes and cartoon characters on them. It’s as much a psychological state as it is a Spanking “scene.” Like the #ASBs out there, I’m really in a headspace that goes way beyond just Spanking.
My Daddy didn’t really get that until we began living out our Daddy/boy life together. Having him know I was his 8- to 12-year-old made it easier for him to discipline me effectively, provide me the Aftercare I need to know he still loves me even though he Spanks me, and more. It’s one of the things I MOST love about ASBs—their lives are so much more than just Spanking.
my way cool spidey briefs 
junior and I have quite a lot in common, it seems—which is maybe not that surprising when you consider we’re in roughly the same age range…
From my perspective. I identify as a middle because the dynamics of the relationship I have with my Daddy places restrictions and options upon myself that you would expect someone who is 7 to 10 years of age. This includes what type of clothing I am allowed to wear such as only briefs, not being allowed to look at x-rated stuff, having a set bedtime, etc.
“And along with this are chores expected of me and the punishments to match bad behavior. It really is about the psychological state. And identifying as a middle relates to why I do not identify as a little.”
“I don’t consider myself a “little” mainly because I’m not into all that. Well, for lack of a better word, little stuff that is related to ABDL world in a lot of ways. I’ve always been interested in diapers since I was very young. But I was not interested in the baby part.
“For some reason, I would always become uncomfortable wearing soft clothing during the day. Just made me feel babyish, to comfortable I guess, and I just didn’t like it. I prefer to wearing sleepers, pajamas, diaper pants and shirts for bed, but during the day I like being a big boy.
“My Daddy hasn’t used diapers as punishment. I typically wear at night during weekends but when we move in together, diapers are going to be a nightly occurrence. And to speak on the headspace for a moment, I definitely am more relaxed around Daddy. I’m just responsible for being a good boy. And the clothing, rules, structure, punishments, etc, really add to the experience and act as visual reminders that I’m a boy and should be treated as such.”
Our friend G here lives at a different age range, yet had some surprisingly similar experiences underlying his story…
“I basically feel like I’m around 14-years-old. That doesn’t change with what I’m wearing or what I’m doing and my whole relationship with my Dad is based on me being a teenager. So, we can go and see a movie or go out to dinner together or sit talking politics and current affairs, just like any father might with their teenage son. But at the same time, at 14, you accept that you need some discipline imposed on you—and that you get consulted about stuff but you don’t get to choose. Having a level of independence and autonomy but being completely under Dad’s authority is a balance that just feels right for me.
“When I wear a nappy or training pants or briefs that would be better suited to an 8- year-old, I am doing so as a 14-year-old boy still. I can be very mature for a 14-year-old, but I can also be pretty immature. I love my Ginch Gonch briefs, but I’m aware that they are quite childish for a teenager, so I’m kind of pleased but embarrassed to be wearing them (and showing them off on my blog) all at the same time.”

G in his matching t and ‘pants
For junior, strict rules and high levels of control are all part of the experience…
“Unfortunately, me and my Daddy do not live with each other as of yet (housing crisis where I live, atm). But we see each other regularly enough for Daddy to administer punishment when necessary. My Daddy usually Spanks me with his paddle with holes throughout which really hurts. And it’s never planned. If I do something that he feels deserves punishment, I’m usually lectured prior to being Spanked and during as well. We haven’t reached the stage in our relationship where it could be considered 24/7.

“He also uses other punishments as well. For instance, I currently am not allowed to watch a show I’ve been binge watching recently for a week (I typically rewatch shows/movies and my Daddy is not allowing me to watch the show I’ve landed on again). I mean I do have to follow The Rules we established together all the time, but Daddy hasn’t required me to follow everyone of them yet. There’s like 30, and I think in expected to follow 16 of them right now.
“Some of The Rules we can’t follow, because we do not live with each other. Some we don’t follow, because if we did, I’d probably be punished everyday—like the no cursing rule hasn’t been established, because I’d would get a Spanking plus mouth washing everyday!
G in school uniform
“We’re slowly getting ourselves use to them and me following them. Right now, were going through my clothes and putting stuff aside for work, formal, semi-formal, and casual, and replacing all the other clothes with clothes more appropriate for a middle (I’m pretty small so I can still fit big boy sizes at like Target and stuff).
For G, being an adult schoolboy is not just about wearing school uniform, it’s a whole teenage lifestyle.
“I like the look and feel of school uniform but I also like the way it outwardly confirms beyond any possible doubt my status as a boy. I prefer shorts to long trousers for the same reason and seldom wear anything other than shorts, in or out of uniform. Also, being in school uniform raises adults’ expectations of your behaviour—they expect you to be more polite and thoughtful and obedient—and makes them quicker to decide you should be given a punishment. So it feels almost like I’m “doubling down” on my 14-year-old identity when I put my uniform on.”


As an 8-year-old, I totally get this dynamic. I know right from wrong, but I’m still definitely in need of correction and guidance. My Daddy does a great job of that without even thinking, I’ve been out to eat with him where he’ll just tell me where to sit or at the movies when he’ll had the ticket taker my ticket without entrusting me with the tickets. School uniform clearly does something similar to the wearer.

Resources for Middles

It’s been great to spend some time hanging out with some other
“middles” here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you think you may be a middle
or might be leaning that way, start by shopping for a few kewl items to get you
For complete, authentic uniforms for a wide range of
schools, the best places are:
Lewis also do good “standard” school shirts, trousers and jumpers (sweaters), as do:
lot of ASBs would struggle to get in to the even biggest school shorts sold by
such mainstream stores, as they are generally not worn beyond the age of 11 (13
at a push) in the UK. But there are plus sized options at:
(jake here: this is a super kewl site with waist sizes going up to 40″ for the bigger schoolboys!!!)
quite pricey, the uniform items at
are very good quality, available in a very wide range of adult sizes and they
will alter school shorts to any length you require. They also sometimes have
complete, vintage school uniforms for sale in adult sizes (usually not that
large but big enough for me), which are totally authentic, in good condition
and fairly priced. jake here again: 
I have been on the mailing list for this store for like ever. If you’re a skewlboy, you can buy your school uniforms online through AlbertPrendergast, too. He sells some of the best ones I can find here. For those looking for shorts for boys, this is a one-stop shop that could come in handy. If you prefer to be caned, these shorts will be perfect for you! And best thing about Prendergast? They are able to do alterations, so work with them, and they’ll work with you.

G added, “I have bought from Prendergast. His new stuff is too expensive but the “vintage and collectable”stuff can be very good and is generally fairly priced. My blue corduroy shorts and complete St Hughes uniform are from that range, so are many of my knee-length socks, which are also fairly priced and hard to find anywhere else.”

haven’t found any suppliers online but if you happen to be visiting a country
where boys wear shorts throughout their school career – South Africa,
Australia, New Zealand – you should find shorts and other school uniform to fit
you at very reasonable prices (e.g. at Woolworths in South Africa).
tacky ‘pants for school:
if you don’t do white
there are many smaller, traditional school outfitters serving schools in their
locality and many of these have an online offering, if you are looking for
something special.
white y-fronts for skewlboys can be purchased from: (G’s list)
Schoolmaster tools for ASBs

A range of English school canes and Scottish school straps are available on:


G is regularly punished with genuine Lochgelly school straps bought on ebay (N.B., the real ones are expensive; expect to pay £150-300) and school canes from a supplier who no longer exists.



Middles, non-adult
Shoes: kewl boy shoes in adult male sizes: 
Caps for middles
caps for middles


Kewl graphic t’s: Go straight to JCPenneys as soon as you can. As a department
store, it’s fast disappearing. You can purchase online as well.


‘Pants for middles
  • Double-seat briefsIf you have the dough, be sure to spend away on the really expensive underpants and things at Tiger Underwear. They manufacture these from as small as 28” waists to above size 40” waist (up to 52” waists)
  • Training PantsCheck out Tykeables where you can get new, padded briefs for those who are young enough to be just a little older than toddlers, but aren’t littles anymore and can wear big boy briefs. These are more or less training briefs. I’ll do a post on these for Christmas, so you can know more. They manufacture these from as small as 28” waists to above size 40” waist (up to size 50”)


If you’re more a boy who just wants to be gaming in his
underpants, try making a cheap purchase to start with. The Children’s Place
sells briefs that fit well in the waist and seat for those of us who are 32/34
inch waists. (Warning, they’re a little tight in the front if you’re a big boy “down
there in your swim suit area.”)
middlematthew’s ‘pants arsenal


Tools for Daddys with middles
And for Daddys with middle boys, a good plan is to have the brush or paddle around:
  • The Redecker Bathbrush is the very best on the market right now
  • The best Hairbrush is probably the Redecker Children’s Hairbrush
    may be a bit small, but it’ll work if your boy is on the smallish size, but
    remember, it’s the sting of the Hairbrush, not the thud that works:
  • Another option is a new one I haven’t seen before called the
    Mikobox Brush, which is really affordable and possibly very effective:
  • Lastly, I recommend spending time at your neighborhood Marshalls
    or TJ Maxx. They bring in all sorts of odd paddle-type
    and wooden spoon tools for the kitchen
    that may be useful for the boys in
    your life.



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