adult boyhood and Its Origins


A New Year, A New boy: Welcome to mikey
One of Cornertime Confidential’s female readers asked me a tough question a while ago, she asked, “I find myself curious as to what your journey was that led you to be interested in the adult boy life and Spanking.
I have a sense of what things are ‘turn ons’ for you, but how were you drawn to this in your own life?”

Back in July 2012, I shared with you all a really impactful group spanking that had totally rocked my world with three other boys, one of whom was mikey. Up until this interview, I hadn’t seen hide-nor-hair of him. Then I began to hear about some boy with a Recon profile that was beginning to light up the blog-o-sphere. A fellow blogger friend of mine was communicating with some boy in his twenties who sounded too good to be true.

Now, I’m not one to complain, but there is a noticeable divide in the Dad/son spanking world of those who want to spank only young hairless bottoms, and then everyone else. For a broad swath of Daddys there is no concern at all, but because mikey is young and boyish, there has been quite some interest from Daddys I known.


As odd as it may seem, I’m really not into looks in the world of spanking. I want the boys who get spanked with me to look however they look, I don’t care if they’re super good looking or boyish or older or heavy or whatever. So it came to pass that I began to realize just WHO this mikey was. He was that Recon boy! I had never really considered that I already had been in a terrific, amazing, memorable group spanking with him back in July!

Thanks to the fact that mikey is such a cool buddy, he has turned out to be willing to talk here with Cornertime Confidential. He’s always in need of spankings—and particularly Cornertime or “Cornertime (!!!)” as he typed to me—like those of us who consider ourselves aficionados of Dad/son spankings. I’m super thrilled to bring you this interview with a boy just out of college who has been exploring the world of Domestic Discipline.\


Thanks, mikeyfor taking the time to talk with Cornertime Confidential.
Boys Goofing
Do you find that thinking about and analyzing the psychology behind our mutual interests can emasculate the power behind the experience for you? Do you discuss this with many other boys or Men Who Spank?
Not for me, no. I find that the more I talk openly about the spanking interest the more comfortable I get with myself and my interest in being spanked. I find that the more I talk about my experience and voice my desire, the more I solidify what I’m looking for—I start to better understand myself and that is always a good thing.
In previous posts on the blog, I’ve used the word “ageplay.” But in fact, I hate using the word “ageplay,” and don’t want to use that word. It’s really “adult” and not my kind of language at all.
What do you call what you do with Daddys? For the interview, I want to call it “Adult Boyhood” behavior or something like that. Any ideas?
I think adult boyhood works well with what I’m looking for. An escape from adulthood.
One Version of adult boyhood In Action

love that. That’s a great way to look at it. It’s definitely what I’m up to. And yo, dear Daddy readers, plebse reach out if there are any of you who want to help me explore my adult Boyhood!!!! 😉

Now I’m proselytizing. Bad boy!
Where were we? Oh yeah, from back in July, I’m remembering you in a jockstrap at the spankDC party. I think that jockstraps makes boys into more of a teenage, more into being a teen. Are you? I don’t get that from the Adult Boy I met.
When I am being spanked, I usually revert back to around 8-12. This is where I am most comfortable. However, it’s really important to me that I remain grounded in reality during these experiences and do not shift into roleplay–role play can be fun at times but it is definitely not what I am interested in. I hesitate to give an age because it’s more about the feeling of helplessness than being a certain age. In life, I don’t really conceive of myself as an adult boy but instead a busy adult who needs time away from responsibility and control. For me, the best way to do this is to have someone help me regress in age and forget about all of the adult stuff swimming around in my head.
you know, I’m all about being an 8- to 12-year-old boy. That takes two
different forms, for me:
  •  8-years-olds are old
    enough to know right from wrong, but don’t care, and misbehave and get spanked
    because it’s effective to teach them lessons.
  • 12-year-olds are misbehaving and using bad language, that makes
    it easier for Daddys to, for example, wash their mouths out with soap.
24/7 Life as an 8-year-old Adult Boy

I think doing that to an 8-year-old could be weird, because, really what’s the worst thing an 8-year-old could say? And washing a boy’s mouth out with soap is age-appropriate. (Also I don’t believe in smacking an Adult Boy upside the head for language, because I think that seems like abuse if you’re an 8–12 year old.)


I don’t know, really. I like the dynamics of another man taking control and allowing me to just be his responsibility; being regressed to boyhood feels natural, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
For me, it’s incredibly liberating and relaxing to be age regressed, when I find the right partner who knows how to help boys like me. I had to grow up too fast as a kid and now work in an extremely competitive and stressful environment and having someone help me to shuck that anxiety off is so incredible.
I want to take us back to the July party in DC if I may. I guess we were in a public place, so, you being in the jockstrap your Daddy put you in was probably just super helpful to keep our boy parts out of the way.

Jockstrap age regression

And maybe it helps keep your head in a regressed age range—sort of a “what’s going on down there isn’t the important part?” I think For boys, it’s what’s going on upstairs, not in their crotches that create the fire. Do you agree?

Absolutely—part of this for me, too, is all about submitting and giving up complete control to another person. To do that, decreasing the focus on my needs and increasing the focus on his is one way I think I can best step into the appropriate mindset.
What other the triggers hook you into Adult Boyhood? Boys briefs? Underoos? Pajamas?
And what kind of spanking sticks do your Daddys use on you that work best to get you into the Adult Boyhood mindset? Leather? Belts? Paddles? Other?

“When playing, I like all kinds of tools and experiences to help me give up control. Clothing is incredibly important to me as it helps differentiate who is the boy and who is the dad. briefs/underoos, diapers, plastic pants, pjs, boy clothes, and hairbrushes usually do the trick.”

Other experiential elements like corner time (!!!), bath time, mouth soapings, and early bedtimes work. Other ways to help me relinquish control is having dad order from the menu, having to sit at the boy table rather than with the adults, language and behavior restriction (requiring descriptors to be used like ‘daddy’, ‘bottom’, ‘pee-pee’, ‘heiny’, etc–words ‘real men’ would never use; behavior restrictions like only being allowed to sit down to pee, asking for permission, etc).


A Trip to The Corner


You and I are like totally on exactly the same page there, boyohboy. I absolutely concur. One of my favorite things lately is having all Adults (Men Who Spank or are in charge of me) order for me at restaurants, have me ask for permission to get up from the table, and control things like when it’s time for bathtime or sleeptime or “that chat.” I love the way it puts Daddy in charge naturally, rather than as if we’re in a “scene.” He can set the scene as we go around town and the like.

One of my new adult boy-friends here in town has a full time partner who is not really into spanking. But he’s a trooper! And he’s been willing to take us out to dinner as if he’s my friend’s real Daddy (I am supposed to remember to always call him “Mr. Ferguson”), and I’m the next door neighbor kid.

That Talk…

His boy and Mr. Ferguson do the ordering. I sit there and just talk like boys do right through the waitress ordering. Mr. Ferguson knows what we like to eat, so he doesn’t need to ask us anything, usually anyways. And when the lady comes to take our order, I spend my time thinking, “I wonder what she is thinking when she walks up to our table.” I’m often decked out in a DC Comics t-shirt and very boyish bottoms and shoes and socks on these outings. It’s super kewl doing things like this for me. No one really knows what’s going on, but boyohboy, me, my buddy, and Mr. Ferguson sure do!

BTW, do you call your disciplinarians “Daddy”? “Sir”? Something else?
I refer  to them however they want. “Daddy,” however, is usually off limits unless I find someone I really trust and can model that role for me.



think given where you live, your opportunities might be limited to get into really creative age regression; I think in DC, LA, SF, NY, Chicago, London, Paris, Munich, etc. it’s a lot easier to find ways to explore this. I hope I’m not sounding judgey there. Since here you are into age regression, and apologies if I have that wrong, but, if you do, then tell me how you navigate that. For example, I’m into two different kinds of adult boyhood:

I’m into being an 8-12 year old boy. That takes two different forms, for instance,
8-years-olds are old enough to know right from wrong, but don’t care, and
misbehave and get spanked because it’s effective to teach them lessons.
12-year-olds are misbehaving and using bad language, that makes it easier for Daddys
to, for example, wash their mouths out with soap. I think doing that to an
8-year-old could be weird, because, really what’s the worst thing an 8-year-old
could say? And washing a boy’s mouth out with soap is age-appropriate. Also I
don’t believe in smacking an Adult Boy upside the head for language, because I
think that seems like abuse if you’re an 8-12 year old.
Infantile Discipline to

Keep Boys in Line

Over the past year, I also have been getting into having Daddys treat me like a baby
if I act like one and cry and carry on….which I do a lot, anyways. So, last
weekend in NY, for example, my Daddy John paddled me several times in both the
living room after our day our when I got lost in the department store and then
later the next night in my bedroom before bedtime. And instead of just spanking
me, I got put into pull-ups and plastic training pants (!) He did that
with the warning, “jake, if you insist on acting like a baby, I’m going to
treat you like a baby.”

I had to stand in the corner in my pull ups and plastic pants for what seemed like hours in front of the other boys who were in the house (there were 2 other boys staying there for a big party that was in the Manhattan)…and then when I got paddled at night for misbehaving during bathtime. Daddy dressed me for bed and made me wear a kewl diaper and plastic pants to bed. And he said, there was going to more trouble in store, if he found that I hadn’t slept in them all night long.

Treating you like a baby
if you act like one.
Does either of those scenarios fit into your Adult Boyhood?
I am much more of the mindset that I should be treated like a baby when I act like a baby. During play, I like reality to be firm and for the Dom to recognize that I am a grown man who is being regressed—this is more humiliating and really underscores the power exchange taking place. I am an adult that needs to be treated like a little boy on the weekends to really engage at my full potential and I am ultimately looking for someone who understands that and can help me structure my life.
Similar to the first question, I don’t really feel like a little boy in life… maybe more in heart?

I am naturally submissive around other men (especially partners), and I have a high amount of anxiety—having someone relieve me of that anxiety and allow me to give up all control to them is really gratifying.

Yes, you can Hold
Your Bear


For me, age regression is a great way to do this and still receive a lot of intimacy. Age regression allows me to be intimate in ways that I don’t experience a lot outside of this time and it’s really fulfilling. The deeper someone can take me into this the better—I love sleeping in diapers and pjs (great for cuddling), and quite enjoy being expected to use the diapers as well (ultimate loss of control as I become truly dependent on someone else and get to hand over all responsibility).
The added humiliation of having other daddy’s and boys witness the regression taking place is wonderful; I’ve only experienced this a few times. 

Your experience sounds great! btw, I would love to be put in diapers/pull ups with you!

I’m glad my hunch was right—when Daddy spanked us so soundly at the party in July—I had a hunch you thought the “added humiliation” of being “age regressed” in front of so many Men Who Spank and other boys was an incredible, out of this world experience. It made such a difference taking the experience from a simple spanking or even a simple group spanking and turning it into a complete, out of body experience. Standing there against the wall, hearing you get your spanking, I could feel myself as if I were in your shoes.
I think humiliation in front of others puts me as an Adult Boy in the odd and exciting position of being almost out-of-body, seeing the whole punishment as it happens in real time.

From Errant Son, Thanks for
Getting me the Original pic!**

Something like this happened to me when Daddy paddled me at the Manhunt Mansion in Boston after I met you in July. All those other Men and boys watching me being punished in the living room, while they were getting pizza by the pool, listening to music, watching TV. The sound of this boy being spanked (i.e., me!) didn’t really interrupt or change the dynamic of the place at all. A lot of guys were totally not sticking around to watch. A lot apparently did, but a lot just figured, “Oh, there’s another brat, getting his spankin.” Even though the location made it impossible for anyone who went through there not to experience another boy being spanked by his Daddy, it being such a big house made it easy.

Next party that they do there, you really should come. It’s a cool experience for boys like us. Have you ever been to spankings in people’s houses. I know there’s a spanking event that happens in Chicago monthly. Do you go to those? Have you been to others? Tell me about your experiences in these group settings. 

I would love to go to that party—I’ve heard a lot of great things. The first group setting I was ever in was the DC party and that was actually the last. Looking forward to experiencing that again.
Share with me other experiences that have held special resonance
I have a pretty good friend I’ve met through the scene that I often meet when driving back and forth from my parent’s house in another state and back to school. He’s a younger daddy and he has really helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin when it comes to accepting this part of myself. 

A recent experience that I’ve had and really enjoyed with yet another daddy I’ve met in the scene occurred a few weeks back. After a long hand spanking over his knee, he told me to stand up and “march [my] little hiney over to the corner”. 

Once positioned, he told me he had to make a phone call for work and he proceeded to call a colleague and talk business right there while I stood in the corner—I felt like a real little guy that night. My spanking continued as soon as he was off the phone.

I also had a great experience being put in a diaper before bedtime last year, but that’s another story…

Are there any actual boyhood memories that your Adult Boyhood taps into? For me there definitely is. I grew up with a very traditional American Dad and Mom, so our home life was arranged that way. Four children, one paddle, no lip.
What’s your background and how did that come to pass—you’re from a generation that didn’t have paddling or spankings in the home or in schools? How do you think all this got started for you?

honestly have no idea. I really do think that part of it for me is that I grew up without a really strong male figure in my life who was around a lot—I think I missed out on the experience of having a real dad growing up. Getting to know and be mentored by older guys just seems to fill a void. I like the different kind of intimacy with an older man that doesn’t have to involve sex at all—it’s comforting.
As far as the spanking goes, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve always had a streak for the need to be humiliated since I was younger—a little humiliation has always been wrapped up in my sexual fantasies and so I think my curiosity just happened naturally.


Well, I guess there you have it. I was raised with a really, really powerful male figure in the household. He was totally the Head of the Household , and yet I’m in this world as well. As mentioned at the top of this blog post, Diana asked a question I’d hoped to answer, and I had no idea how to answer. Then, reading this interview with you, I realize—it doesn’t appear to be connected in the least.
You grew up in a world without spankings, and you are into Adult Boyhood. I grew up in a world with spankings, and I’m into precisely the same experience!

How utterly random, incongruous, and wonderful. So, Diana, I suppose we file this under that quaint British expression: “It’s a Funny Old World, Innit?”

**An extra for those who have gotten this far in the post:

I posted this story originally with a pic I’d downloaded from In the image the words were embedded. The boy who is being punished during the “talking to” emailed me and gave me a heads up:


“Thanks for the compliment. I agree. It’s one of my favorite spanking photos…I feel privileged that I happen to be in it!  The pic is a few years old. I was being spanked alongside another boy who snapped it while he was “on a break.” 

No need to list any source to the photo. I just didn’t like it being misrepresented.”  


Sooooo, let that be a lesson to all you inveterate downloaders like me out there…even sites like try to co-opt images from the ‘net and make them their own.

Thanks, Errant Son for the correction! 

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