Mr. Richard O’Shea from Sting Pictures

A Chat with Mr. Richard O’Shea from Sting Pictures

You can read the entire interview here.
Highlights include: read the entire interview here.
Question — From your years of experience which implement do the actors dislike the most?
Answer —The Cane. 
The guys really do not like it at all. There are the odd one or two who say a strap or tawse is worse but really it’s the cane every time. As you ask it happens to be my favourite, only perhaps because I was caned at school in Great Britain. During those supposedly golden years of education we were taught to know our place.
There is something about the melodic swish of the cane, its whippy consistency and appearance hanging waiting to be used. It is, I believe, an historically perfect instrument of correction. I guess guys in the USA would say the same for their famous paddle or hickory switch. 
Boy, when I think back if they could see me now I’d be waiting outside my housemasters study for sure!
(For the record, I would agree with Mr. O’Shea about what American boys feels about The Paddle in the classroom.)
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