National Bottom Smacking Day

Today is the commemoration of the day the  European Court of Human Rights said,  ‘No caning in Britain.’  But somehow…England and Scotland have evaded detection. 

@drvanspanking​ on Tumblr has inaugurated a new day of celebration for something our UK Isle friends call “Smacking.”  Dr. Van Spanking said, “The ruling followed a court case by a family whose 14-year-old boy was caned at school, and they decided to make a big public song and dance about it! ”

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Spread the word! Let’s get all these bottoms smacked today. You’ve only got these 24 hours to get the job done!

National Smacking Day UK

By Dr. Van Spanking

To mark this day, I offer the nation’s—and the world’s!!!—Spanking community a legacy.

National Smacking Day UK

On 25th February 1982, that august and officious body of meddlers known as the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the use of the cane in British Schools violated the European Human Rights Convention. It was, they declared, ‘inhuman and degrading punishment’ (of course it’s degrading — it’s supposed to be!). Wiser counsels prevented a ban on Corporal Punishment in our state schools for another five years, but the ruling was hailed as a victory by the bleeding-heart do-gooders of the Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment (STOPP), whose self-righteous bleating and hectoring had been plaguing school classrooms for far too long!

paddle smacking

I thought it would be fun and a massively ironic poke in the eyes of those two collections of interfering busybodies if we could turn the tables on them and designate 25th February as ‘National Smacking Day UK’. I use the word ‘smacking’ as it is the term with which we tend to designate punishment on the bottom in Britain, rather than ‘Spanking’, which, while I love the very sound of the word, is not so much part of our common modern parlance in these islands.

trunks Spanking


Originally, I thought of this idea at the beginning of America’s ‘National Paddling Week’ and was going to name the day ‘National Caning Day UK’. However, it seemed to me that there was a need for something more inclusive:

caning smacking.jpg

Caning has, sadly, disappeared from English schools and in my own beloved Scotland, the nationally recognised instrument of punishment was commonly the tawse (or ‘the belt’ as it was more usually called).

Thankfully, for all those parents with unruly boys to discipline, smacking is still allowed in British homes.

Long may it continue!

So let us celebrate National Smacking Day UK! Around the date itself , Feb. 25, 2018, I will be setting up a ‘National Smacking Day UK’ Facebook page. I hope Tumblr spankers from around the Globe (yes, all you, my lovely followers and supporters outside Britain, too – PLEASE don’t feel excluded!) will help mark the day by contributing pictures, Spanking reminiscences etc.

BBFC Smacking

With a bit of luck, we might even provoke a hostile response from the ‘no-smacking’ brigade! More than anything, it should be a day when every Dad with a beautiful, pert-bottomed, coloured-underpants-wearing teenboy can feel that this is a day when he can be free to take his son’s trousers down, lay the lad over his knee in his briefs (or boxers), and administer the Spanking the boy’s cheeky, well-rounded bottom is asking for!

duo Smacking



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