ABDL Immersion Experience

What Would a Day or a Weekend Living in a Foreign Language Home Be Like for an ABDL?

The Cornertime Crew here at Cornertime Confidential had an interesting discussion about how to fully realize the experience of being an adult baby. There’s something that’s basically not “real” about having an adult not use words to express themselves. However, if you were to be in a situation where the Daddy only spoke to you in a foreign language that you do not know, then you could really be in a situation like an actual baby.
So, if you were to, say, go to France after pre-arranging a meet up with a fellow AB/DL Daddy, you’d be able to fully immerse yourself in an AB/DL situation. You wouldn’t know what the words around the home say. You wouldn’t know or understand what Daddy is saying to you. He’d need to guide you and instruct you and teach you how to speak, how to behave, how to eat, how to do all the things expected of a boy who doesn’t yet fully understand.

It’d be a very challenging situation. And it would be challenging for the Daddy too. He’d need to impress upon you what is expected and what you are to do without actually being able to get through to you. The language barrier would do the trick!

Here’s how the dialogue offline went amongst us at the Cornertime Crew

baby j on a full immersion baby experience


Speaking from the perspective of the littlest in The Crew, as littles I think we try too hard. I get a little annoyed (haha did you see what I did there?!) When I see littles posting in baby talk, or an attempt to, it seems forced, sometimes. And if I want to be fully in baby space it can be a distraction to try to tune out those things that I “shouldn’t” be understanding.
However, if I were in an immersion situation I already be at the disadvantage that my understanding is already limited and then if I am going to try to talk then my pronunciation is going to be off, I am going to be naturally speaking in baby talk.
A real world example. I was in Lyon, France, riding the bus by myself. This grandma-esque woman suddenly says “pousezze la bouton rouge.” She said it again before I realized she was talking to me. So then I started to panic. “What was she saying…rouge…if I recall my colors that is red.” But so what, there was more than a color. She looked at me and said “la bouton…la bouton rouge” I looked around and the she pointed at the pole next to the door and repeated the phrase. That’s when I saw the red button…la bouton rouge. Now what was posezze? Well, what does every boy who sees a button do? You push it…or posezze. So I put it all together and I pousezzed la bouton rouge, and the bus stopped at the next stop.
And I was super excited that I figured out and wanted to tell my host family all about it, but then what would that sound like??!!! What kind of person gets home and is all excited to say, “I rided the bus today and this lady asked me to do this and I pusheded the red button?”
Sound like little kid to me, except for me it would have been perfectly natural, not forced, I probably wouldn’t know that my verb tenses were all wrong.
But imagine what a baby experiences when some sings a lullaby, and Imagine what you would experience if someone sang a lullaby to you in French. Imagine living in that world for a day or more…
Thinking more about baby j’s story above, I thought, you could actually spend a significant amount of time with a Daddy in this situation (say, entire day or weekend) and never really be able to get out of the baby headspace. Or the toddler/little boy headspace. I guess by the end of the weekend you’d grow up pretty quickly. If your Daddy invited fellow ABDL Daddys, then they could talk grown up talk while you had to just listen and play or busy yourself while the adults talked. You’d not really be able to weigh in, you’d be the little tyke in the house. You could spend your time trying to get their attention, but having to be quieted down, told to behave, and more.
If you got into trouble, your Daddy might have to Spank you or put you down for a nap or put you in The Corner. I think the opportunities here are legion!

If you or anyone you know has experience an AB/DL date like this, let us know. baby j, mikey, ‘zander, brett, and I wanna know more. 

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