Turning Your Men Into boys

There are some interesting blogs out there helping groan up men out there to become boys. There are Daddys and Babysitters and Uncles and Big Bros who appear to be interested in having boys of their own.
There are certain rules that vary between the Daddys (I’ll just use the term Daddys for these guys for the remainder of this blog post) that appear time and again.
Here’s a look at a few of those Daddys and the boys who are looking for them in their lives. There are a variety of helpful techniques in here that you might want to employ in your relationships.
stuck in underpants again
Coming to terms with the fact that he’ll be in tighty whities from now on.
I feel you, it takes a while

Some of the Daddys who are actively doing this to men.

  • Rules and Protocols is a blog that specializes in very specific rules.
  • SirDomsubmale is another about a relationship that is based on a contract between the sub and the Sir.

Some of the adult boys seeking this life.

You begged and pleaded for boxer shorts, but you were told no. Briefs are the only kind of underpants you will be permitted to wear.  Wear them and weep.

  • RainyLandCollectorStuff is a blog about humiliation and he describes it as a blog about his interests including: ” I like to see young men in humiliating and embarrassing situations. Spanking, Rectal Temperature, enemas, wedgies, forced nudity, pantsings, submission.”
What we saw time and again were posts like these:

All day every day. If I don’t, well, we all know what happens to boys who don’t listen to Daddy.
He gingerly held the tighty whities up, still unhappy that all of his boxers had been replaced with the little boy underwear. His brother smirked. “Gotta remind everyone who the little kid is around here.”
You begged and pleaded for boxer shorts, but you were told no.  Briefs are the only kind of underpants you will be permitted to wear.  Wear them and weep.
You put him on the naughty stool.  But, when he won’t sit still for his time out, that leaves you no choice but to pull his briefs down and Spank him.  Of course it will be harder for him to sit on the stool after that, but at least then he will have an excuse.

You laid there crying.  It wasn’t from the Spanking itself, although your bottom was still burning, but the humiliation of laying there with the enema tube sticking out of your freshly Spanked bottom.
red bottomed enema

Small steps

There has been a shift in my plans as i did not perform up to the expectations of my Master. i needed a reminder of deadlines and how to follow through on my expectations.
Master also needed to remind me that i need to pace myself as i learn to submit to Sir. i found it quite exciting to have someone else taking control and i let my enthusiasm get the better of me.
When i stopped getting my regular Spankings a couple years ago, one of the things that i gave up was Cornertime. Sir’s punishments have often involved Cornertime and twice with Spanking. i find it such a wonderful way to focus the mind, and i have often been reminded of that over the past weeks.
Sir has also instructed me to Spank myself as he is not nearby to do it. i had tried that before in the past but found it quite unsatisfying. This time has been different as i have taken it quite seriously. So far it has been small adjustments to my behaviour but, i made sure to administer it strongly, and it still stung.
Another new experience this week was Sir chose my clothing on one occasion. i found it quite exciting wearing something that made my Master happy. My independence had also been so strong that i hadn’t suspected that i would enjoy something that small so much. The photo attached is the requested underwear.
i have completed my punishments and should be back on track for posting now.
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