Boarding School Beatings

Oh my goodness, the blog has never really covered this topic. I’m thinking most stories are from movies or biographies, but none of our readers have had stories. Does anyone have anything they could share?

I found this great BBC clip (just click here), and from this there’s a more complete series if you click through. This clip is about Eton, and several adults in the video reflect on their time living in a Corporal Punishment-centered boarding school. While I’m completely against tying CP to school work, it’s interesting how no one on this video says, “Hey, yeah, no one should be beaten because they do not understand advanced algebra.”

or “CP isn’t appropriate for having a tough time learning physics.” But so be it, here’s a little ditty from back in the day of our forefathers.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing about an old (read: former, no longer active) adult boys’ public school called “Bendown Well Boarding School” from the 1990s in Cheshire near Wales. There was an active ASB (adult school boy) community of boys and the Teachers and Headmasters Who Spank them, and they apparently had an actual location where once they had a critical mass of boys, they’d open the school and begin with lessons.

Here’s the blogpost about it from 2012: Bendwell Down School.

We’ll reblog this tomorrow, but for now, here’s the teaser:

“There is a classroom and of course, my study! I am a true enthusiast with years of experience and therefore I recognise the desire for authenticity, ritual and a genuine atmosphere and I can assure you of all these elements. Discipline is firm but fair and will be enforced by use of hand, strap, slipper or cane. 

“For serious breaches of the rules boys will be birched on their bare bottom during assembly, in front of all.”


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