BendWell Down School

It’s great to be able to unearth these gems from so long ago. From May 2013, I bring you a little note I’d received back in the 1990s to attend an adult school for boys. 

I do wonder: whatever happened to Bendwell Down School?

Caning in the Studey
From the archives, Cornertime Confidential, May 2013

I wanted to share with you all an email I received a while ago about a Spanking school in Wales for wayward grown boys. Unfortunately, I think because I’m based in the states, they dropped communications, but it sounded like such a great idea:

Here’s the text from the email:

“Hello boys. Weekend breaks for those with an interest in the school scene here at Bendwell Down School. The premises actually used to be an annexe to a Victorian boarding school (the actual school building is situated a little further down the lane). Accommodation is provided in a proper dormitory for up to 12 ‘pupils’ and supper/breakfast is served in the dining room.
Spanking together

“There is a classroom and of course, my study! I am a true enthusiast with years of experience and therefore I recognise the desire for authenticity, ritual and a genuine atmosphere and I can assure you of all these elements. Discipline is firm but fair and will be enforced by use of hand, strap, slipper or cane.

“For serious breaches of the rules boys will be birched on their bare bottom during assembly, in front of all.

“Schoolwork will be done and lines and impositions given. There are usually two or three experienced, mature schoolmasters to look after you. Come on, give yourselves that break you deserve (literally) in the safe and sane company of those who truly share your interests.”

“A very sore bottom awaits that do not heed this warning. Mr A. Whackem.”

—(Headmaster) Bendwell Down School.

Headmaster pants down

(A special thanks to StingTV for a couple of the pics, completely unrelated to the email I received!)

Bendwell Down was situated on the Cheshire-Shropshire border in a wonderfully historic setting in England. Near Wales, I believe.  The school motto…

“Behaviour Determines Fate.” 

How do I find the school again…anyone know? Anyone have any way of recreating what sounded like a much, much needed experience for boys of all ages?


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