Whacko! The TV Show

whacko headmaster caning from bottoms upJust learned of a great 1960 T.V. Show for ASBs called “Whacko!” It’s a caning-centered slap-stick (pun intended) comedy for television from the BBC. Cornertime Confidential is thrilled to bring this snippet of caning history to you during our Celebration of Adult Schoolboy Spankings this very special week!

whacko bottoms up

One site on the interwebs, described it this way:

“Starred ‘Professor’ Jimmy Edwards as the conniving, cane-thrashing, horse-betting (and often drunken) Headmaster of Chiselbury School (‘For the Sons of Gentlefolk’) with his assistants Mr. Oliver Pettigrew, the science master, played by Arthur Howard who was also his long suffering assistant headmaster…a twittering, hand-wringing bag of nerves. Mr. Halliforth was played by Edwin Apps. Also appearing was Gordon Phillott as Mr. Dinwiddie who was very ancient and deaf. The headmaster was always dreaming up schemes to make money for his beer fund and thwacking young boys on the behind with his faithful old cane. Especially a boy called Wendover. Hence Jim’s favourite instruction to the boy: “Bend over, Wendover!”

whacko headmaster caningHere’s a Youtube promo clip complete with a caning of a grown man begin chased down the hall, a caning warning to 3 boys at a desk in the headmasters office, and a row of boys about to have their bottoms well beaten in front of the whole school. To the delight of all, this was pure comedy and fun, and for aficianados of a life of Spanking via The Cane, it was and is a pure delight.


Welcome to “Bottoms Up!” (and watch until the very end, so you can see the DVD cover that was used to sell this particular show! Um…wow.

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BesE_aTffXw?list=PLzFHxx-i4T8rL6DWTX3JsuTQiQFjfze_R%5D

whacko headmaster caning from bottoms up 2

While it’s ridiculous premises and absurd plotting is terribly outdated, Frank Muir an Denis Norden went on to be two of Britains more funny, most clever radio comedians who were on a show that lasted well into the 1990s, maybe early 2000s (until they died) called….

whacko's chiselbury school

Also from the site mentioned above, it says: “The Whacko! series was remade in the early 1970s, in colour, for an early evening slot, still with Jimmy Edwards but with Julian Orchard as Mr. Pettigrew and Harold Bennett as Mr. Dinwiddie. (Harold Bennett is remembered now as ‘young Mr. Grace’ in “Are You Being Served?”)”

whacko headmaster with cane



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