Billy Bunter’s Caning

There’s actually an enormous amount of caning television shows, comics, cartoons, and films from England in the 20th century.

An early television spectacle was “Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School.” In this episode above, two boys are about to be “caned most severely” but the headmaster instead decides to administer 1,000 lines they have to write instead.

There’s even a pajamas sequence. No caning in PJs, but a pajamas scene? It’s just a pity the plot isn’t for adults and these aren’t adult boys. But it’s fun anyways, and in keeping as we close out our week long Celebration of adult Schoolboy Spankings

While incredibly  juvenile as a TV show, it’s great for caning talk. It’s almost inexhaustible.

A while ago, Cornertime Confidential reposted a blogpost interview with Richard O’Shea from Sting Pictures. In that interview, he mentioned images, videos, and other Spankings in mainstream media that had captured his imagination as a youth. Today’s blogpost seemed like a good opportunity to revisit those old, old comics, TV Shows, and films that featured canings and public school “beatings” that we should highlight and keep all in one place. So be sure to bookmark and share this URL location and send us your comments below about any films, TV shows, or other things we may have missed here.

O’Shea Covered Some of the Waterfront:

“I found some episodes of ‘Whacko’ on YouTube the other night, and I had forgotten how involved with school punishment that show used to be.
Just about every other scene has the cane-wielding professor Jimmy Edwards
threatening to dish out a whacking as the demon headmaster of Chislebury
School. The whole show seems now in reflection to have been about boys getting
the cane hence the title ‘Whacko’ I suppose.”
Whacko! 1950/1960s Television Show
A Cane In Every Episode

[You can see a lot of detail from this television show in this blogpost here.]

“Tom Brown’s Schooldays”





The Borstal Saga “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” starring Tom Courtney and Michael Redgrave was great. So were a slew of films, including:

‘If’ starring Malcolm McDowell 




“Damn the
Defiant” (1962) with Alec Guiness and Dirk Bogarde


“Spud” featured an interesting well-paced Caning sequence too.

Separately from O’Shea’s interview,that’s to the good folks at Youtube, there’s also an American film called “Heaven Help Us” which I haven’t seen. It appears to be a brutalist look at Catholic schoolboy beatings. Here’s a particularly unpleasant clip;


Comics also play an important role in most boys’ lives. O’Shea was just such a boy, “‘The Beano,’ ‘Dandy,’ ‘Lion,’ and ‘Hotspur’ comics you name it all
featured a Spanking or Caning sometimes with very inventive instruments and
nobody batted a PC eyelid.”


Clearly, this blogpost is only the tip of the Caning/Spanking iceberg in media. If you know of films, television, and comix that we need to include, please let us know! Just comment below with the name and URLs, and we’ll add them in!
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