Helpful Punishment Spanking “Touch Points”

Paddling During a Punishment Spanking Should Include Much More
Than Just a Sore Behind

Tips for Tops!

This series of images in today’s post has a few worthwhile elements we thought were worth reblogging from the original Tumblr post from @Spankinglads.

Check out the following key Domestic Discipline techniques that—from our perspective—are meaningful, effective, and memorable:

Getting the Spanking Tool

1. Go Get The Hairbrush. The boy has been told to “Go Get The Hairbrush! He brings Daddy The Hairbursh and is then put back over Daddy’s knee and paddled with it.

The best way to do this is to have Spanking Tools in logical places around the house. You can just say,

  • “Get The Hairbrush from the dresser” or
  • “Get The Belt from the closet” or
  • “Get the bathbrush from the bathroom.”

All these things can be laid out around the house ahead of time, so there aren’t a bunch of implements lined up like a dungeon master.


2. Earpulling. Daddy pulls his boy’s ear: earpulling helps establish who is Daddy and who is the boy here. A lot of boys are too big for their britches in situations like this. In order to better set the tone,

Establish Your Authority


3. Calibrating Your Impact. Daddy paddles, and is so aware of his position of authority, that he checks to see his boy’s response to his paddling. Being aware of your boy’s response is super important and shows you are an experienced “Dom.”

Calibrate The Spanking


4. Aftercare. After Daddy decides the Punishment Spanking has been effective, he applies Aftercard to his boy’s bottom. This can take a ton of different forms. Sometimes my Daddy doesn’t apply lotion, because he doesn’t feel I deserve it. Sometimes he just has rubs and pats my sore red bottom as he hugs me and tells me to be a good boy. Sometimes he gets the lotion and rubs that deeply into my sore bottom.

Apply Aftercare When Appropriate


5. Cornertime. Just because a boy gets lucky enough to get some Aftercare from Daddy doesn’t mean Daddy’s through with the Punishment Spanking. Sending a boy to The Corner to think about what has just transpired is a super effective way to (a) make the Punishment last longer, (b) “put the boy in his place,” and (c) help establish he’s still a boy, even now that the Spanking is over.

Remember: The Spanking Isn’t Over Just Because the Spanking’s Stopped

All of these Punishment Spanking steps makes for a more effective experience for boys, particularly boys who do not live with you. It’s hard to keep an air of Daddy/boy discipline when you don’t live together. A Spank-date comes over to your house and you have to “get in the right headspace” to be both friendly and at the same time be a disciplinarian. How do you begin!? Hopefully these Tips for Tops help get you in the spirit.

For those of you Daddys who DO have live-in boys, let us know what you do to help establish a more full-time sense of Domestic Discipline and order in your lives. If you live together all the time, doesn’t the Daddy/boy dynamic “die” for you and you become partners? How do you re-invigorate that Daddy/boy dynamic?


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